Retired and a busy gal

by mary from PA

When I retired, I spent the majority of my time doing whatever I wanted. I ate and drank what I wanted to, relaxed like there was no tomorrow.

All of that got old fast, just like I did.

I knew that I needed to do something productive with my time, to make the most of what time I have left on this planet.

First and foremost, I had concerns about my physical health. Although I would have loved to sit and do nothing all day, I know that it’s not good for my body. I got up the courage to join my local YMCA and take a water aerobics class once a week. Not only has it helped me stay up with my fitness, I’ve been able to make some new friends who are in the same situation I’m in.

I also go out walking 3 times a week in the morning through my neighborhood, and if there’s bad weather outside I can walk at the mall an hour before the stores open. What’s good about walking is that I’m able to chat with my friends and take my time by pacing myself.

Next I had to worry about boredom. There are only so many television shows and channels on the boob-tube that one person can handle in a given day. I chose to join a neighborhood book club specifically designed for retirees. We may not always read the books, but we always have a fantastic time gossiping about the neighbors!

Another thing I do to keep my brain going is reading the newspaper. There are always interesting articles about neighborhood activities including painting classes around the corner at the local church. I also like to do the occasional Sudoku or crossword puzzles to keep my noggin fresh.

One of the most important things that I’ve been involved in is with the community of youngsters around me. I volunteer whenever I can (which is a lot of time) at the local community center and the public schools too. I like to be able to connect with more people than my family and friends.

To keep myself busy since retirement I make the most of my time by connecting with friends and family, volunteering, working out, and reading.

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Nice One Girl
by: Gordon G Kinghorn

Well done, a most articulate and cheering account of life thus far, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your lines and quaffed on the effervescence that delightfully oozed from them, long may your contentment, joy and sense of purpose prevail.

Our respective enjoyment of life would be instantly gone if we each removed the possibility of doing something – you have certainly seized every opportunity to deny inertia – great stuff indeed.

Gordon G Kinghorn

by: Sunshinegal

Mary, Sounds like me!
I enjoy having my own schedule, but having something productive to do is important.
Health and money are always a worry; I have been doing online promotion work, but it is slow and takes time to establish. Too young for Social Security or Medicare.... which may not be there when I need it. No kids, no family, just a BF who cares for me... and I am grateful.
Thank you for writing Mary!
Keep us posted.

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