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when do I feel old or young?

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ABHI TOW MAIYN JAWAAN HOON .... I am still youthful ....
by: Durgesh Kumar Srivastava New Delhi, India

Dear Karyl, Your article makes me recall the story of Malika Pukhraj She was a well known singer in undivided India because of just one song that she had sung (she had sung many more)-"Abhi Tow Maiyn Jawaan Hoon"

At the time of Indian Independence from British Rule in 1947 the country was partitioned - India and Pakistan. Malika Pukhraj migrated to Pakistan but she left behind, in the hearts of her fans, sweet memories of that famous song.

Many years later, she visited India. She was then quite an aged person but she retained the mellowness of her sweet voice. At a concert, she was asked to sing that famous song. People went into raptures. Her golden voice made them recall their own youth in pre-partition days when she had sung that song originally.

Sweet memories of our younger days and years - childhood,youth, young adulthood, middle years make us feel young again. If you want to preserve your youth, do whatever you can - go to gym, jog, eat nutritious food, guard and protect your health, take beauty and dental treatments, dye your hair, keep busy, what ever ! But the most important thing is to preserve in your heart sweet memories of those wonderful years.

I feel young when I see children playing in the park, when I teach my young grandson how to balance a bicycle or how to fly a kite or tell him the story of the elephant who had sprinkled water on a tailor's shop because, he had pricked the elephant's trunk with a needle instead of giving it the usual biscuit. I feel young again when I see guests in a wedding party dance with gay abandon as they head towards the bride's place. I have reasons to feel young all the time, or at least, most of the time. I want to remain like this till my last breath of life !

Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi 12 Sept,2010

When do I feel old or young?
by: Melva

This is for Karyl - I hope I send it properly, as I too am still trying to "perfect" my computer talents.... and Karyl, who says we need to feel "young"??

I think accepting our age and ability are really important, and the knowledge all us retirees have regarding life is priceless.

I hope this video transfers well...

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when do I feel old or young?.