Retired and Bored? Increasing Your Creativity for Finding Interests will Help!

by Wendy,

If you are retired and bored, like so many other retirees, consider Increasing your creativity. WHY? Because it will help you find new interests for your retired life.

You really need something to get up to every day, some hobby or interest in life that you can chat with others about, learn and investigate, and generally be interested in something new.

Although it’s true that some people are more creative than others, everyone can be inventive and original in their own way. Your creativity is inside you now. Perhaps it’s just waiting for you to tap into it.

These ideas can be done in just 30 minutes a day. If you read this, and do nothing, life remains as is. If you take action, life changes!

  • Go back to your childhood. Did you have an active imagination? Maybe you pretended you were a teacher or a doctor. Perhaps you acted in school plays, or wanted to write books to entertain the world. What did you want to do that you never did (yet)?

  • Right now, imagine yourself at the best retirement circumstance you can image. How would you look, dress, and behave? Where would you live? What will you do all day? How will you help others in the world? How would you relate?

    Visualize that you’re the BEST at something, anything, for at least 10 minutes each day.

    What are you good at? For the next 10, 20, or 30 minutes, consider your various skills, talents, and knowledge base. Then pick one skill to focus on. What makes you good at this particular ability?

    When you know what you’re good at, you feel confident. And when you’re confident, you’re not afraid to try new things and experiment (which are aspects of being creative).

  • Let your mind fantasize about something in your life. Maybe you’d love to buy the house on the corner or experience the seriousrelationship you yearn for. Give yourself 30 minutes to sit back and fantasize. 
 Think about what that house looks like on the inside. Picture the face of your potential mate.

    Carry a written copy of your top 3 life goals with you. Giving yourself permission to dream and reach for your goals enhances your ability to ponder how you can achieve them. 

    You hold the creative keys to pursue those goals however you choose. Let your mind run free with it. Think about these questions: what can you do today, tomorrow, next week, and next month to go after what you want?

  • Identify someone you like or respect very much. Spend time thinking about this individual. What is it about them you like? How can you be more like them? Pick one characteristic you’ll work on emulating for the next month. 
 For example, if you like John because he smiles all the time and seems to consistently be in a good mood, perhaps you can begin to behave in the same ways.

    Trying on new personal characteristics allows you to stretch yourself creatively to see what you can do.

  • Experiment with a new creative activity. We increase our creativity by doing. So, buy a block of clay, a wood carving kit, or some paints and canvases at your local arts and crafts store and have at it. 
 You’ll likely end up spending over a half-hour daily on your new pursuit. But, that’s okay because you’re expanding your mind along with your skills.

    If you’re feeling timid and unsure about how to start, sign up for a beginning art class just to see what happens. Working with your hands and mind together opens up new avenues and can get your creative juices flowing.

    It’s true that you can release your inner creativity and imagination by devoting just 30 minutes to any of the above strategies or try a combination of 2 or 3 of them.

    Believe that you are a creative individual and prove it by doing something each day to bring your imagination back into your life!

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