Retired and Going Crazy

by Randy

Just retired after working in health care for 36 years as a Physician Assistant. Thought retirement would be a breeze but now going into my 2 month, I feel lost not doing the medical care I was good at.

Beat prostate cancer 2 years ago but now i’m concerned that I may have colon cancer because of the symptoms I am experiencing.

Just celebrated my 70th birthday and now I feel like my retirement may be spent with health issues. The golden years are becoming the olden years.

I want to get back my zest for life and be happy. I’m being tested for the colon issues and I hope all will be well if not then I gotta put up the good fight until there is no fight left.

I must stay strong since I have 2 loving sons, 2 stepdaughters and 6 grandchildren that I love very much.

Pray for me and hopefully my health blues will only be about retirement blues that I can overcome.

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Health and retirement
by: June

Had cancer at 28. Beat it. Last year, breast cancer. Surgery and life long meds. Had a Calcium’ Score done last week and not good, Family history of coronary problems. But guess what. Going to take my statin and refined my diet and live to be 100.

Get out, go to church, plant a garden. Do something to get your mind off yourself and these retirement pity parties. Go get another job of some kind if work defines you.

You have been given a life, now live it.

Think I will go to Starbucks!

You have a great attitude!!!
by: Junebug in WI

Sorry about your health issues, but you must never give up. I have a friend going into his 13th year fighting aggressive bone cancer and he is thriving emotionally and mentally.

I recommend the little book Make Your Bed, by a retired Navy Seal. It provides axioms to live by for us all! Good luck on your journey!

health issues
by: Cindi H, Ohio

Well, you're doing the right thing by checking out your symptoms right away. Early detection is always the key - people being treated for colon cancer are living a lot longer than in the past.

My niece's husband was diagnosed probably 8 years ago with Stage 4 and despite a few close calls he's back doing well again. Hopefully your diagnosis will not be cancer this time. Sometimes our bodies just act up temporarily. I do understand the worry - once you've had a cancer diagnosis you automatically go to worst case scenario. I do the same.

Wishing you a long health life with your loved ones.

by: Anonymous

I can see why you are upset, but think of others and make good use of your skills to help the poor and the really old seniors.

Health Issues
by: Nancy

I'm the same age as you. I had colon issues last year, and was worried about colon cancer because of family history. Turned out okay, but they found a growth on my kidney which had a 90 percent chance of being malignant, but turned out to be benign!

I'm sorry you had cancer. I understand how you would be afraid of a recurrence.

I wish you all the best.

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