Retired and hating it!

by Jim

Retired in June and thought I could take to it. How naive can you get!

Focus and purpose gets turned upside down because the routine has gone and the once looked forward to weekends begin to merge into the rest of the week.

Wish I could get rid of this feeling of anxiety i have. Even though I'm 65 i don't feel it and definitely feel I have gone too early.

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Hold your horses!
by: Chandler, AZ

Wait, wait! Slow down! You've only been retired a short while! It takes time to adjust to your new routine, or lack of routine!

I've been retired a little over a year and a half and I am just NOW starting to get comfortable. The first feelings you will have (or I had) were to get a new job asap! I even applied for and was offered 2 jobs.

Thankfully, I turned them down and have grown into my new life. There's also the initial feeling of being useless, unless you have tons of retired friends or specific hobbies. You will find your way - please give yourself a break and ease into the next chapter of your life!

Retired and hating it
by: Anonymous

I kind of retired at 59 and like you was hating it as like you it is a bit early and still have a lot of energy.

Would be good to look for a part time job since you are healthy. Going out and get occupied will help with the anxiety.

Take the time to see how fortunate you are, i.e. good health, energetic etc..and i suppose if money is not an issue to see you through life, there are so much to live for.

I managed to get myself occupied in ptw, church, etc which is great for body and soul.

Give it time.
by: John A. / Tyler, TX

Take a load off your feet, sit back and look through this web site. There are tons of good ideas to keep you occupied and feel useful. Retirement isn't the end of things. It's a new adventure.

Just be patient. You're not the only one who feels the way you do. There are many who subscribed to this site feeling the same as you, but eventually adjusted to a new way of life.

Sure, retirement can be tough. No one said it would be easy to adjust. But, it will only be as difficult/easy as you want it to be. So relax, grab a beer, sit back and smell the roses. You may find something you enjoy during the process.

Good luck to ya!

Retired and hating it
by: Carol

Jim, why don't you try planning something special for the weekend, like a lunch or meal out, just to make the weekend a little different from all week. It will take time but you must find a different kind of routine to fill your days.

Enjoy your time
by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

Jim I hope you give it time I felt the same for about a month or so. Now, it's 3 years later. I haven't looked back.

I just turned 65 this month. I am active joined the YMCA sought out some volunteering. However, I will not commit to their weekly requirements. If I can do something to help anyone I will.

I travelled to China am looking at Alaska adventures now.

Take time for yourself. You deserve it!

by: Wendy,


First, its way too early to hate it. You are still in transition mode and simply need to learn to live a different lifestyle post-retirement. Consider what you want in life -- and go do it. The world is just waiting for you -- seriously!

Give yourself a break too. You don't have to jump right into something. You've likely never had this much extra time before, so its hard to do little. But it is GOOD!

Second, just HAD to comment since you are from Scotland. My grandmothers family came from Scotland, surname Frazer. Small world!

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