Retired and I collect Longaberger Baskets

by Judy Jordan

My Basket Longaberger Collection

There are 86 baskets in my Longaberger basket collection! They are handmade in Dresden, Ohio and beautifully handcrafted. Each is signed by the maker with his or her initials, the Longaberger name and the year it was made. Yes, they are expensive, but they last many years.

My oldest is a 1989 spring basket that Ken (my husband) found when he had a route (trash pickup-now works for the landfill).

It had about a 2” piece broken out of the handle and someone threw it away. I gave it to Ruth Ann (consultant at the time) who sent it to the company. They replaced the handle, cleaned it and returned it at no charge.

I also have 2 baskets from 1992 given to me by the school staff for Secretaries week so very special to me - a pencil basket and a note basket. I have a 1991 mini cradle that I spent $19.95 for and now worth $120.00!!

I usually have a party in Nov. and earn hostess dollars (so much off) or half price baskets. Then I buy one that I might want. I rarely buy one for full price. I am kind of “basketed” out right now as my former consultant does not do parties anymore but have a friend who downsizes and sells many of them and can always do that.

My baskets are used. Many have fabric liners (cloth-many patterns and colors) and plastic protectors. They are used for snacks, recipe basket, spoon basket (for kitchen utensils), tea, stationary, bears, pens, our pills, napkins, salt and pepper, yarn, crafts, computer paper, waste basket, vanity basket, books, Christmas cards,photos. Some are more ornate and many different sizes and shapes. Some are small like the small Joy basket (have car keys in it) parsley basket (pens) etc.

There is a Bentley guide that comes out once a year that shows the year, what the basket would cost, if sold, what the low and high values etc. are.

All divided into sections like certain kinds (heartland, Mother’s day, retired, American etc). I get it for inventory purposes and for insurance. Just got a new software package to put on the computer which will do the inventory, value, print lists etc. I want to do that soon.

The latest ones are a medium oval wastebasket, 2 boardwalk baskets, and canister set. The canister set is lovely. Very well made (used my hostess dollars etc) and has wonderful plastic inserts with strong seals (like Tupperware) and wooden lids. The keep flour, coffee, sugar etc. very fresh.

The big board walk basket is perfect for a car trip. The medium board walk basket I use for a purse with a paprika colored liner that zips and I have received many compliments on it. Also a lunch box basket, pie basket (old) 2 Christmas ones, (got half price as she was downsizing with dividers etc)

Some baskets are retired and they no longer make them. Of course their value is greater. Have several of those also.

I could write on and one but hope this gives you an idea of what they are like. I do enjoy them and hope this gives you a glimpse into what I collect and love about Longaberger baskets.

Also have a cherished teddy collection (ceramic, maybe 30 of them), dog statue collection, (about 35) and bear collection. The bears are mostly stuffed but some ceramic and wood and all sizes and shapes. Have the 1st bear I got when I was 1 year old and lovingly used. Also a large collection of videos (love old movies) and a vast collection of books. Hardback and paperbacks. I have always loved to read and do that a lot now that I am retired. I do reread books that I love.

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by: Reen Texas

I started my collection in 1994 and found some at garage sale for .25 cent along with the other baskets I have many now are all not being used as I used them when my children were small now it is just clutter as I moved to a smaller home. I have the purse the one that goes on stairs the closure pin one and cold cuts and dip

by: Doris/ohio

I have a Longaberger Basket with maw 1984 and another one with kw 87 can you give me any information on them

Software for Longaberger baskets
by: Harold Allison

You had mentioned software to log your baskets that you have.

I am trying to help my parents that have over 400 baskets and pottery get them all cataloged and saw that you had bought some software to do that.
I am interested in what you had bought.

Harold Allison

Is t? Maybe...

Longaberger items
by: Melinda M. Connersville In

Longaberger baskets, protectors, basket repair kit, poster, binder, two gift bags, and cola bottles

Longaberger baskets
by: Valerie p Simmons

I have two east longaberger baskets series 2000 that are signed and still in original packaging how much are they worth. They are the small ones.

Wendy: Looked and found a Longerberger Guide --
Longaberger Collectibles here...

1984 craddle basket VML
by: shawn from paris

I have a cradle basket that was made I 84 w the initials VML just wonder if you we're interested or could you tell me what its worth thanks

umbrella basket and stand
by: patti fishers, indiana

I have a longaberger umbrella stand and basket that i would like to sell. It originally sold for around 500.00.... i am moving to retire to arizona and wanting to get rid of it. I am asking 250.00 plus shipping. Please contact me at if interested.

Inaugural Basket
by: Donna

I have a longaberger basket that says on the front mental plate 1993 but on the bottom it says 1992... It is a Inaugural basket...

1991 cradle basket
by: Rena

what kind of price for a march 1991 ?

by: Anonymous

I have a consignment shop in Calabash NC I have 4 of the baskets you interested?

selling all my baskets
by: johnny

Selling a set of 6 baskets for 450.00 easy resold separately for more. If interested I accept paypal, money order as well as free shipping an looking to do deals for the right offers. So please be serious as we are.

Contact us at
Putyamoneyupent at

Jess and john

by: Jen

Have you gone to Dresden and done the basket tour. I went several years ago, when Grandma Bonnie lived in town. I know the town has really grown since then. It is a fun trip if you haven't done that and love the baskets. You can now pay a fee and weave a basket of your own. I have several, not as many as you.

My favorits are probably the American baskets, I have the Crisco Pie Basket and also the Crisco Cookie Basket, I also have the Crisco acorn. My sister was a consultant and we entered a basket display at one of their conventions and won 3rd. place so I have a "Prize" basket from that. It has a green weave in it, and is the size of a small key basket with a gold tag. I don't remember the date and am too lazy to get up to see what it is. LOL.

Anyway, if you haven't been to Dresden maybe you can plan that in the near future. There are a lot of shops in town with all kinds of basket embellishments.

Baskets be gone!
by: Regina

I have about 65 baskets that are like new, never used. Some are still in original boxes. Has been a sore spot here for a while . Must sell but don"t want to give them away. Have any Ideas?

Wendy Yes, auction them off on By going the online auction route, you don't have to depend on someone estimating the baskets worth (and possibly cheating you). People will bid back and forth -- and if its a real collectible, the bidding gets heated as each person wants that basket. Hopefully, that gets you the best price for selling it.

You simply make an account, take a photo, describe the object and see what happens.

If you don't want to do the work, google "ebay stores in yourcity". They will do all the work, including the listing and shipping, for a fee.
I'm not sure what they charge.

Best Wishes!

I have 2 large longaberger baskets from 1987 which I will be selling
by: Roz

I went to a "Home Show" in the 80's in Coral Springs, Florida. Went with my Mom, and we purchased a large round basket, 9" high and 14" around with handle, and with the raised bottom. initialed and dated 1987. The rectangle basked is also 1987 14" by 10" approx, with two handles..also initialed. I can't make out the initials though. Both in great condition, and in the plain classic medium tone .

I'm researching for pricing them, and where to sell them... BUT I do need to sell them for financial reasons. Any ideas???

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