Retired and Looking Out My Window!

by Wendy,

Trees, Trees, and More Trees!

Trees, Trees, and More Trees!

Would you share what YOU see when looking out your home window?

Hey -- I sit and "work" on Retirement-Online in a brown leather loveseat recliner positioned directly across from a big picture window in my den. This morning I have hot tea with honey sitting on the table next to me, a few notebooks and pens, phone, and my laptop rests on the recliner arm. I sit and do all my work here while enjoying my view.

There are two bird feeders hanging on a stand outside the window. One holds finch food and the beautiful yellow finches are plentiful... sometimes 6-8 at a time are feeding there! The other is oddly shaped with two cutouts where the seed would be surrounding the "hole" in the feeder. Last week, a small red squirrel was lying on his back in there, surrounded by glorious seed, and stretching his neck a bit to get seed from above then lying back to eat it,... what a life!

Years ago, we had only brown squirrels, I commented once that there were black and gray squirrels in the neighborhoods by work. Suddenly, they moved here the following year, and no, we really didn't bring any here. I was so thrilled! So we have black, brown, gray and small red squirrels. Now I know most people say they are pests, but we love watching them! Mia loves to play sneak and move oh-so-slowly through the grass to chase them!

Birds are the main attraction: we have many from red red cardinals, to blue jays, yellow finches, red-breasted robins, doves, and ducks that fly in early evening looking for the corn Terry leaves for them. THere is a creek on the left side of our one-acre property and the ducks live there! We also have predatory turkey vultures and hawks back there and have to be out with Mia because of them.

We've had a few occasional deer over the years and a family of foxes. The first time I saw the fox, I told Terry I saw a Red Fox. I had never seen one in person (perhaps at a zoo) but the red busy tail with the white tip was a dead giveaway! So beautiful! There are maybe 5-6 babies back there with the parents right now. We see them some evenings, as they play, rolling around like pups in the grass.

Now the biggest feature of my view: GREEN everywhere (especially in the spring season). Green Grass, Green Trees, Abundantly Green Everywhere... a sign of God's Great Earth! Woot!

Would you share what YOU see when looking out your home window? Please describe what you see today. Take us there!
Is it the brick wall of the home next door?
A bird house?
People in a busy city below?

Comments for Retired and Looking Out My Window!

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So peaceful!
by: Elizabeth , West Virginia

My bedroom window gives me a view of the oldest mountains in the US, flanked by rolling farm land.

Much excitement several days ago when someone left a gate open and we had a herd of cattle spreading out over neighbors lawns. The sight of a lady on a riding lawnmower trying to herd the cows away from traffic was a hoot. All ended well.

The view from my recliner downstairs gives me great peace. We have bird feeders front and back so I can enjoy watching an amazing verity of birds. This year we have baby bunnies under the rear deck and tiny baby squirrels learning to use the feeder, their huge fluffy tails drwarfing their bodies. Yesterday evening we had deer in the back yard.

I am truly blessed to spend my final days here.

Looking out my window
by: June, Mountains of No Georgia

I was smart enough to buy this 1200 sq ft cabin on the Toccoa River almost 15 years ago. Used it as a part time retreat.

Now that I am retired, it is my full time home. Cool enough that I never have need to turn on the air conditioner. Wonder if it still works. Have a fireplace and have a wood fire every day in the winter.

Out the window, I see the flowing river and a diverse selection of birds, depending on the time of the year. Yesterday realized a muskrat has made a home in the bank beside the river. Rarely, I see otters and a beaver or two. Canadian geese make a nest on the island in the middle of the river. This year there were 7 babies. I feed them for several weeks and then they disappear.

Today there are tubers and kayakers going down the river. Just hope not too many people find this place and it turns into a tourist destination.

Love it here but see a lot if others renting out their river home. If it gets too noisy or crowded will probably move on, hating to leave this lovely serene place.

Window Waunderings
by: Ricardo/U.S.A.

Wendy, it sounds from your window view that you've got a little bit of heaven goin on in Michigan......nothing better than the spring in the air in the midwestern part of our great country....everything is coming alive after a long winter nap.

As I look out my study window, we are getting a nice refreshing spring shower which ALWAYS greens things up that much more this time of the year. No matter how much I water and fertilize my turf, as the season progresses into the warm months of summer, it NEVER looks better than in the spring after a refreshing shower.

All of my container plantings are in around the outside of the house and I am viewing them as I compose this posting and reveling in their color display.

When I visit my favorite garden spots in the spring of the year to choose my selections, I am like a kid in a candy shop filled with anticipation of how my choices will please me throughout the season.

I take photos every year and put them in albums so I can recall what looks good where and sometimes try to replicate IF I can find similar specimens the following year.

I did not make all of my purchases in early May as I usually do because we were on a river cruise to Russia. When we returned there were not a lot of choices left at the garden shops, but I made do.

Well, the rain has stopped for now.....time to pop outside and check on my "babies."

Outside my window
by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

I sit on my Brown leather recliner looking out on a wonderful wooded backyard. The sky over it filled with beautiful bluffs dotted with green trees.

I see deer roaming, an occasional red fox and my feeders bring beautiful hummingbirds and colorful finches. We are privy to cardinals, robins and off to the side I have 3 bluebird houses all of which were occupied this year.

I feel truly blessed.

Retired and looking out my window
by: Sherry/ NC

Thank you so much, Wendy! I love your story! I love nature and this is a very good description!

I love to be outdoors breatheing the fresh air walking on the beach that I live nearby, collecting shells, listening to the seagulls talk.

There is a wonderful and unique coffee shoppe at this beach and the owner dives for shark teeth. She has megladons'!! She has the teeth on display in her coffee shop and she makes necklaces out of the shark teeth and sells them!! I bought one and will save it my grandson. He is fascinated with sharks.

I am lucky to live here. The ocean is only 5 miles from my house!

The squirrels and birds visit my backyard. They are entertaining! I named all of my squirrel buddies, Scooter.

I have hummers and one with the emerald green back. He is beautiful.

Out your window
by: Irwin

I am so jealous! Yours is the ideal writing set-up. I look at a wall with bottles of whiskey on shelves (scene setter wall paper to make my room look like a saloon from the old west).

If we had but one wish left that could be granted in our lifetime, it would be to end our days in a house that had a view {preferably from the bedroom or even the living room} versus seeing the house across the street or the side of our neighbors houses.

But, who knows, miracles do happen, Enjoy your view - it looks quite peaceful.


Wendy: Dear Irwin, if I didn't know you better, I'd say "Hey, who are you trying to fool with whiskey wallpaper... we finally figured out why you are kooky every morning on Facebook!" GRIN!

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