Retired and Loving it!

by Alison Lisefski
(Davenport, FL)

Hi! I'm Alison, wife, mother, grandmother and now retired nurse! I worked with people with developmental disabilities as a coordinator of their medical care as well as other aspects of their lives.

I became a nurse when my middle child, a son pushed me into it because of his diagnosis of Autism. I had not a clue about how to take good care of him. He was sick frequently with upper respiratory infections as well as pneumonias and ear infections. I didn't know anything about Autism other than it was once thought to be from a "cold mother" not showing the child enough affection. I knew that was not the case!! My advocacy for him and others like him will never end!

I am a hobbyist and enjoy sewing and photography. I'm a novice at both but thanks to my husband, I am learning to use my Brother embroidery sewing machine and my new Cannon EOS Rebel camera that he bought me. I'm hoping to maybe make some money as an amateur photographer at some point in this journey of life!

I am now a part time Snowbird! I've left my kids and grandchildren for a few months in the sunny state of Florida. This will hopefully be an annual event since my husband and I bought a house here a few years ago when he retired. I'm missing the kids and grandchildren which is the only draw back to being in the South. I certainly don't miss the cold and snowy weather!!

My husband and I are Bikers as in motorcycles. I do not "drive" a motorcycle but ride on the back with my husband. We belong to a club called Red Knights which is an international motorcycle club for firefighters (either past or present FF's). We have raised a significant amount of money for the Wounded Warrior Project over the last few years. Besides the club, we've taken a few rides on our own to places like New England and Williamsburg, VA.

My granddaughters are the lights of my life! There are 4 of them, 2 at 2 1/2 years of age and 2 that are 6 months old!, Yes, how does that happen unless 2 sets of twins? No, there are no twins! Both my daughter and daughter-in-law were pregnant at the same time, TWICE! The girls are beautiful and growing so fast it's scary! I love spending time with them and making things for them and with them.

Ok, so now that I've told you about my life I'm trying to figure out how I ever had time to do anything when I was working!

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Still retired and loving it!
by: Alison L., Davenport, FL

Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

Today I finished a wall hanging I made for my youngest granddaughter. I appliquéd her name, Carleigh on the fabric and it will hang using a dowel. After that, I've been swimming and floating in the pool!

Still retired and loving it!

Retirement living
by: Anonymous

I recently retired, after 40.years working at a university. Loved my job but figured it was time for me to enjoy life and do things i want to do.

Problem: my fiance did not plan well and will have to work another 15 to 20 years. I'll be 79 before he can retire. He has 2 wks vacation a year so we are in different worlds right now.

I want to love and enjoy what I've earned - freedom and he has nothing to look forward to other than going to work for 20 more years.

I am not sure if this is going to work out for us.

Any suggestions

What a great story
by: Barbara from CT/FL

What a great story. We have several similarities in our lives and wish Davenport FL was closer to Jacksonville so we could meet up.

We too are snowbirds with our children in other places so when we are down for the winter I miss them a lot. I spend my days cross stitching, cooking and working/playing on my computer and we have gotten involved with a local church.

If you are ever up this way, look me up. I would love to meet you.

Retired and Loving it.
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Alison:

You have proven to us that having a hobby, an activity on wheels, and belonging to a group that supports veterans is fulfilling. Never mind the years as a nurse where you were helping people that desperately needed help.Being a mother
would have been enough.

You are in the reaping stage of life where you can now enjoy all the fruits of those years of working and giving.

I love that story of the woman whose teenagers looked jealously at the garden next door which had all those juicy ripe tomatoes ready to be picked. They complained bitterly to their parents that it wasn't fair the neighbors had all those tomatoes. Their mother said, " Just remember- you can't complain about never having any tomatoes, if you never planted any."

by: Donna

Wow Alison what a great and full life. Welcome to retirement from a fellow retired RN. I worked 38 years as a RN in Critical Care, Supervision, Neurosurgery and Telemetry all in a hospital setting for the same network. Crazy that doesn't happen anymore. I am reconnecting with family and friends and doing a little travel. It is a new adventure this retirement thing.

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