Retired and moved to England

We bought a house on the River Thames. Thames runs through London and out to the suburbs. Boat house, swimming pool, tennis court. Can drive it the complete length of the River, going through locks.

House itself is like an American deep South Plantation House and has other buildings on the property that match the main house.

Used to belong to a famous English jeweler who went bankrupt and had to sell.

Close to Windsor Castle where the Queen of England lives if not at Buckingham Palace.

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Regarding Moving To England
by: Patricia Murphy - SW Michigan

Wow - how fortunate for you. I'm envious because it sounds as if you've found a lovely new home in an exciting place. I know moving is a hassle and is time consuming, but do, please post and let us know how it goes and how things are for you once you're settled. Where are you moving from? I'm really looking forward to hearing more from you.

No Name or Location
by: Wendy,

So often, retirees leave their stories without identifying factors. In this case, I wish I knew where this retiree lived before they moved to England.

Just curious...

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