Retired and not planned for it

by Terrence

When I first retired I wasn't ready for it. I was financially ready but I found I was depressed about a year after my retirement. To be fair that is because I took an IT consulting job from November to May of 2011.

I went to counseling once a month from Sept to January but I seemed to be controlling those sessions and wasn't getting much out of it. I am 62 and I am still searching for something.

How does anyone manage the boredom everyday (especially those days you aren't doing your hobbies)?

I retired gracefully from my company. I felt that I needed to move on so it wasn't a difficult decision and my company was great about it.

Wendy: This is what the retirement transition is all about. So many go through this and few speak about it.... so I hope more will on my site here. Thanks!

You are suddenly without your work identity -- so who are you now? What will you do with the rest of your life? We can't become simple couch potatoes. That's why I work on this website, keeps my mind busy and challenged.

What will you do daily to keep busy? In time, its not quite as important to be busy.. but during the transition, its best to do something until you adjust to the new retirement lifestyle.

Best Wishes!!

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Unplanned Retirement
by: Sally

Unplanned Retirement was moved so that way instead of being a comment on another page -- the story is on its own page and visitors can leave comments for Sally, the writer...

response to those that commented on my post
by: Terrence

Thankyou everyone,

You are very kind and I will take your advice.

Thank You


Make New Friends!
by: Pacific Island Lady

I believe that making new friends can be very helpful. Through this website I now have a good friend. We share and write about things going on in our lifes, share about culture differences, what we think about other things. It's not only fun but helpful. Keeping each other company. Try it!

"Easing Into The Retirement Years"
by: Ricardo

....Well, anyone that has been reading this site is aware of the fact that I was scheduled to retire 9/28/12,that did not happen for a number of reasons. Now I am forced to take my accumulated sick days for the next few months.

What I have done is to schedule a week of work, then a week off until the end of January 2013. It has actually been to my benefit because I am able to "ease" into this new life style gradually and test the waters. It is not what I had planned, but is is funny sometimes how life can play out.

The other positive of course is that my co- workers can also ease into taking on my work load a little bit at a time.....for now it appears as though it is working out for all concerned!

Good luck to all that are having difficulty with the retirement adjustment. Take a day at a time, maybe an hour at a time, or a moment at a time so you are not will find your new rhythm, be patient. Stay involved with life.

You and you alone must strive to achieve just as you have done during your working years....just redirect your energies. It will not give up. It may take a week, a month, or a year, do not give up on yourself....YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU HAVE VALUE!

Adieu for now

You just need pieces of bread and some good candy
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India.

Dear friend,

There is a lot of sane advice on Wendy's beautiful website and from the many well-meaning friends who write or comment on it regularly.

I have just s small piece of practical advice that you can follow. Just take a couple of pieces of bread which you microwave lightly and then crumple with your hands. Keep it in a plastic bag and visit the nearby wooded area. just spread the bread crumbs near the base of a few large trees and sit at a distance with a newspaper.

Soon, squirrels and some other tree dwelling mammals will descend and begin feasting on your spread. A variety of birds will join too.

Watching them, you will be transported to another world. As you continue your routine on a daily basis, the squirrels and the birds will come to you and wait for their treat. You can now go nearer and nearer the trees.

In the late afternoons, go to the nearby park with the candies in your pocket and a newspaper and magazines and park yourself on a bench near children's play area. Soon some elderly grand-parents will join you on or near your bench. they would have come to supervise their grand-kids in play.

Your newspaper and magazines would help you start a conversation with them, and once you are introduced, you can offer them candies for themselves and their kids. Never offer the candies directly to the kids. Soon you will have lots of new friends - fellow retirees as well as kids.

Best wishes! DKS, New Delhi, India, 09 Oct.,2012

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