Retired and Out...

by Brenda

I was with my partner 27 years, and came home someone else had moved in, I immediately fell into shock.

I was 2 years into my retirement, and it could not have happened at a worse time. I worked but never had enough to save, and so I was homeless broke ashamed and downtrodden Never thought people could be so cruel.

I now live alone and still my partner. I am living on my little savings and happy to say I don't get anything from anyone. But I am still hoping life will get better, now that I am on this site, hope is around the corner.

Thank you for reading my boring story, and hope it never happens to you! Love Brenda.

Wendy Twenty Seven Years? Yikes! In the UK, do they have anything legal you could do... or is it too late for that?

I pray you find yourself without him, bloom into whatever you care to be, and even find someone to share a home with (male or female) to help with expenses.

LIVE the LIFE you LOVE... find free things to do and enjoy life to the fullest!

Best Wishes!

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Head up!
by: Cindy

Hi there. I just read your story and I can totally relate to your situation. I was asked to leave daily by my husband of 23 yr!

I hadn't worked during our marriage and Im only 57 with no job and not quite at pension age. It's been hard, but the days are getting easier. Soon Spring will be here and everything looks better in the sunlight.

Also, get to know God by reading the Bible. If you stay close to Him, He will stay close to you :)

by: Anonymous

Your faithfulness has been betrayed..once the hurt passes I believe you will find someone much nicer. Fondest wishes.

Message of Hope
by: Goldie

You are in my thoughts and prayers; unfortunately this happens way too often.

by: Anonymous

I am sorry that this has happened to you. My thoughts are that you are better off alone. I have been alone for many years and am heading into retirement in the next couple of months. I think that this is an opportunity to begin another chapter of your life. Money will buy many things but does not buy peace of mind and self respect. good luck in your new life.

It will be allright and you are never alone!
by: roger

Look up not down! Just ask, He listens and If you have the faith of a mustard seed, just think! A Mustard seeds worth of faith that's all it takes He will never ever leave you alone! I love you and He does too!

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