Retired and Rambling On About Retired Life

by Just Me

Every experience is Unique

I have been retired for 3 yrs now at 65 yrs old. I'm lucky, I guess, to have retired at the same time as my "girlfriend" and we live, although I have kids, in far parts of the USA (don't see them much) we have a life together that is very supportive (and fun) despite the parts that can be boring and virtually unknown by the rest of our family members. Except for holidays.

Yes, no one understands what you are going through, so you have to just rely on yourself. But, whenever things look bleak, I, ( & we) say to ourselves, would we rather be back on the jobs that we really didn't like? sit back and read a good book.

I can say it's not all roses, being retired, with what little family I have at the other side of the country, but, when I think about it, I have worked for over 45 yrs. and I am thankful that I don't have to answer to anyone in the workplace anymore...and I can do ANYTHING, or NOTHING if I want to.

And that makes me feel OK, despite the bad moments that inevitably will come. Just rambling, hey, that's what I do these days.

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I am happy also
by: plp wisconsin

I am also on year 3. It is not happiness everyday, but I also think about NOT having the routine of work. As years go on retired, I like it more and more. I am even going to Floria for a month starting April 15....I like the hot weather and it is still cold in Wisconsin.

I have to admit I still do part-time in taxes, but I have cut down the hours considerable the last year becuase I do not want to work even long hours, long days, or days in row anymore.

I LIKE watching news, I like having nothing to do to get in my walk when I want to go, I like freedom! Who knows how long this will last as illness can sneak up fast and furious.

I have found comfort in retirement. Maybe not full HA HA, Happiness, but very comfortable not having to go to work.

Retirement - Year One
by: Chandler, AZ

Hi everyone. I retired on March 1, 2017 after being in the workforce over 47 years & spending the last 20+ years with a very large bank.

After some recent changes to top management, I decided I wasn't willing to re-invent the wheel with the new managers. I had been through that routine at least 3 times in the past & nothing ever changed except to become worse. Anyway, I retired.

I was lucky enough to have the good wishes of my co-workers & the support of my husband. I gleefully retired thinking I was going to do a million things. I bought a bicycle, vowed to re-paint all the woodwork in our home, plant a garden & exercise daily.

Needless to say, its now a year later & none of those things have happened! After about a month off, I started applying for "little jobs" in my city. Something easy, I told myself - something part time. I also went to Hospice training to become a volunteer, which I accomplished. I just felt so useless & guilty sitting around everyday busying myself with typical household duties.

I actually interviewed for & was offered 2 jobs - both of which I turned down when it came time to accept. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I got the jobs, one of which was back at my old company at a much reduced position (and salary) - but I just couldn't pull the trigger & accept. I couldn't figure it out. I guess I just needed more time.

Now, a year later, I am more content with staying home, keeping the house running & relaxing. I have my routines, enjoy my time alone & love not having to go to work on Mondays!

I think my transition was hard because I was so used to being financially independent and now we are reduced to one income.

If you are having trouble adjusting, give your retirement more time. I still have moments where I feel useless, but they pass & I anticipate that by this time next year I will be even happier that I made the decision to leave the rat race.

Ramble On
by: Michigan

Hi there Just me enjoyed your rambling. I too am on year 3 and it gets better each year ~ I plan to have a retirement party for myself in 22 years to celebrate 25 years of retirement ~ saving now so I can buy myself a gold watch LOL

Retired and Rambling
by: Sherry/ NC

Retired folks are not happy because No. 1 they do not have a purpose. Get one; volunteer at something you are interested in doing not so that you can just have a job, but something interesting you can do; maybe just to learn something new! When you volunteer you meet others thinking the same as you. Folks volunteer to get out of the house!! No. 2 it gives you a purpose in life and makes you feel good!

Good luck!

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