Retired and Still Struggling at 67

I wish that I could say that I have found excitement or even contentment in being "retired" for the past 3 years. But, I have not come to that place of acceptance and, then, forward thinking.

From the age of 18, I became successful as a radio announcer, then TV newscaster, moving to an acting career in theater, TV and movies. I also worked as a model and appeared in hundreds of TV commercials. In my 40's and 50's, I discovered a new career as a speaker and presenter at trade shows and conventions.

My identity, was, naturally, tied directly to my personal appearance and the acceptance and approval of clients and audiences. As I grew older, even though I stayed in excellent shape and good health, my marketability dropped dramatically and after 60 I was getting very few calls from agents and clients.

This has proven to be a very serious blow to my feelings of self worth and I have not yet discovered a way to "reinvent" myself.

Over the past few years, I have been depressed daily and have sought the help of therapists and medications. These methods are not working for me and I often feel hopeless, even though I have a very supportive family.

I would very much appreciate the comments of anyone else who has found themselves in this position and what steps they may have taken to move in a positive direction.

Wendy: I think you need to work -- somewhere, anywhere.. just to keep busy. Some people (me) just aren't made to retire.. at least, not until they are content with "real" retirement.

Since you were a speaker at one point, why not try something tied to speaking? Could you possibly look into doing a local radio show? Voice Overs?

Have you ever heard of Blog Talk Radio? I just learned of it and it's where anyone can host their own radio show. People can subscribe to the show, download on ipods or whatever, and listen!

Is there something you might consider doing a show on? Just have fun, even if you only do a show monthly... or weekly... just something to research and go towards!

A few years ago, I was really into listening to different shows on my ipod, now I am into reading on my Kindle. BUT I never realized what I was listening to... I downloaded Christian radio shows, and I remember one guy who verbally walked you through his travels (pretty vividly to). I enjoyed it but never knew anyone could do this.

It could be an idea for you -- your own show just for the fun of it, more as a hobby -- or possibly a joint venture with a website, or helping others with their shows... especially if you've done public speaking or have the right voice!

p.s. I can't believe with all the Boomer Marketing out there, boomer actors aren't still needed. We are the biggest generation ever to hit retirement.... find a new "boomer" or "senior" agent!!

Pick yerself up by your bootstraps and get moving again!

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Your job? You may never know it, but you have it.
by: Anonymous

Well, maybe you are working but don't know it.

After all, our life has an effect on others ALL THE TIME.

We are LINKS. The most amazing effects that we have had may not be realized even while we are alive. It could be several generations away.

So maybe we think we do nothing, but make no mistake, we are LINKS in the chain.

You may be some sort of link based on your interactions, the business you have given to various companies based on your expenditures, maybe your height, who knows?

So you are vital to the world.

This is probably an old idea to you, but I just came across it the other day.

Glad to have found this page
by: Anne

I'm glad to have found this page. At 56, I've been thinking about and looking forward to retirement but have this underlying fear. My financial advisor says I can do it as we're not extravagant spenders but I do want to travel finally and don't want to worry about every penny.

My fear is that I'll look back and kick myself for leaving a good job that I mostly enjoy.

The reason I'd like to retire is that I feel tired after work and have no energy to do the things I want to do. After reading many of these posts, I know to be very careful about this decision, not only because of money but the social/emotional aspect also.

Busy at 67
by: Sharma

Hi there,

I am Sharma from India. I am also 67. I read your story and thought of writing about my life at 67. I retired in 2002. I say 'I retired' because I receive a monthly pension from the job that I did before. However, in real life, I still work.

My work was with a government department. As in many countries govt jobs do not throw any challenge. One just worked according to the rules and regulations. But I always wanted to something on my own.

Even while working, I started listening to various shortwave broadcasts and then learned that it is an established hobby with 2 branches. SW listening and DXing. I developed into a DXer and sent reception reports to many SW broadcast stations all over the globe.

I received 100s of acknowledgement cards which are called QSL Cards, sent by SW broadcast stations verifying the reception report. Then I learned there are SWL groups and DX clubs formed in many countries and some SW radio stations broadcast special programs for DXers.

To cut a long story short, I was a very active DXer. That was during 1980s and early 1990s.
This hobby also brought me many contacts and I was corresponding with some of them regularly. Some drifted away with time but two of them continues till this day. Unfortunately, one of two passed away on October 5 this year.

After Internet became popular in late 1990s I became attracted and started browsing various sites for useful contents. I became fascinated with designing websites and created my own website in Yahoo Geocities. The word Blog was not coined then but it was more or less my Blog.

At about this time I retired from my job and I felt I was now free to pursue my Internet hobby.
I wanted to learn web designing to create websites of my own.

I came in contact with a person in Sweden who was selling web templates online. He encouraged me to become an 'affiliate' and sell his web templates. He gave me a ready-made website. I learned about 'domain registration' and 'web hosting'. I registered a domain and started selling his web templates. What started as a hobby now was developing into a business.

Again to cut a long story short, now I have more than 30 websites as affiliate sites promoting various products - mainly clothing and house-hold items. I have no one to help me. I do everything all alone along with my house chorus.

I still do browsing the internet because I realize it is the root for ideas and development and that's how I came to read your story.
The Internet is a treasure.

Get involved in it and you will discover a new world. (uksharma3 at

by: Barbara

What is your name and how can we reach you?

Please post your email address and name.

by: Barbara

The comments here seem to have lost track of the subject. Retirement seems to be a more difficult transition for successful and ambitious men. Do you have family? friends? hobbies? These are the elements that keep women active and interested in life. This site has fun/new ideas/suggestions on how to adjust to this new way of living. There are lots of us boomers in the same situation! Bless you and please let us know how you are doing. Please join the penpal site. Would love to write to you.


How about this?
by: Pattie

Depression is when you have no family what so ever or friends.. depression is living on a block where the neighbors are brutal and bizarre. Depression is having an argument with a criminal neighbor and then your pool is destroyed and you have no way to ever replace it... especially when it was your only means of entertainment and exercise.. i could on and on but why bother, there's no help.. If you don't have pool in Fl, it SUCKS!!!

by: Pattie

Ppl that want some input tell others on a public forum, so it is a little cry for help. Who hasn't been depressed? Some cope and some don't. The old saying that misery loves company is sooooo true.. LOL.. but it helps to know someone may be more depressed then you.. I try to be grateful for what i have and go from there.. But some are never satisfied and so there's time for depression to settle on in.. It's funny how some get cabin fever and some love doing nothing.

Also struggling
by: Kae

Hi, I'd just like to add a bit to Wendy's response. Anxiety and depression can overwhelm and the feeling of being less valued hurts. You have valuable skills to share. Have you ever considered becoming a mentor? Here is a site for you to explore-free.

Wendy: Good idea, Kae! It's not always about money... he could easily mentor others!

Been there - done that
by: Anonymous


Why not write to me and let's share stories. No, it won't be a 'pity party'. I am not a therapist nor am I an expert on boosting your own moral. But, I also have struggled through unsettling traumas in my life as well. Perhaps we could help each other in regaining that purpose in life we both need. If you are willing to try, I am. You can email me at: 1novelidea at
I hope to hear from you - your new friend,I hope.

Hi there
by: Pattie

I'm not going to tell you what you can do as you sound like you already know all your possible options and you're right about ppl hesitant on hiring older ppl.

I think depression creeps in as we age as we know, no matter what, time is growing shorter. There are no happy pills... meds only block certain nerves in the brain.

The first thing to do is to relax, give yourself a rest period, and sort out what it is you think you can and want to do.. it may not be work, like you seem to think. No one can tell you what you need to do..

Give it a lot of thought and keep a journal. Maybe you can train kids to do what you did.. give lessons.. mentor. Share or sell your knowledge and experience. Stop freaking yourself out.. life is what you make it.

wendy: Pattie, you are right. He knows his options, and I might give more to open his eyes a bit -- but in a depressed state, nothing will matter much. He does need to get past this first...

Mr. Anonymous, If you aren't in a sunshine state, vacation there soon. Let the Sunshine penetrate your soul... and just maybe bring clarity, warmth, and happiness!

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