Retired at 58 and Bored but Happy Enough...

by John McD

Retired life is great! At least at first it was.

I have worked my whole life and going to work started to be a drag and I simply was not happy doing to anymore. Mostly because I would be so tired when I came home and just wanted to relax, watch television, eat dinner and go to sleep.

My children are all moved out already and even though I just had my wife with me I would still feel bad that we couldn't spend enough time together.

I do not belong to any organizations however me and my wife like to go to a church that offers bingo every Saturday night that we attend most Saturdays!

Now that I am home during the day I honestly get bored. I cannot stress that word enough.

I loved it for about a month then didn't know what to do with myself anymore.

I am 58 years old and live in Wisconsin. I am very lucky to have gotten to retire early. I worked with CMC Mechanical Services for 18 years. Before than I had my own landscaping business, talking about a lot of hard labor and to many hours.

I am financially stable as I retired early. I am now motivated to pick up a hobby or hobbies to keep me busy. Have not found a good one yet, everything I seem to do I like for a few days then get bored with it!

I used to eat out an awful a lot but now that I am home during the day with my wife we cook meals and do for food shopping.

Now our daily routine is waking up and having our coffee and maybe a small breakfast while reading the news paper. Then normally watching the news before we go out to stores or something like that. If we do not go anywhere in a day which is highly not like us, especially anymore, we work out in the garden or our yard! So my advice would be if your going to retire soon just make sure you have money coming in or have a savings so you can still live and have fun.

I myself do not collect social security checks because I apparently have to wait for 4 more years until I am 64. Thanks!

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by: The Breadman

Go for walks, read books, work in your garden,take up a new hobby or two, volunteer for something. No excuse really for being bored?

Bored to death
by: Anonymous

Early retirement sucks.....specially if you are single!

I am bored to death.....regretfully I sold my business and it is very difficult to start something new again at this stage in life!!

Hate bingo....hate watching endless tv....and hate drinking and having meaningless conversations!!!

I make it throught the weekends but weekdays (specially evenings) are a freaking burden..... UGHHH!!!

58 too and still working for now
by: Anonymous

thanks for the thoughts. I think of retiring too but need a routine to fall into when I do. i get it about being bored. i fear that too. but will decide when i am 62 on working or not then. thanks again fro your insight.

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