Retired at 61 because of health. after 2 years I continue to go down hill.

I drove cross country truck for 38 years. At 61 I had to go on insulin so by law I could no longer drive.

I have 80 acres and many things to do. From the time I quit work, I have been going down hill.

My feet are so bad now I can hardly walk because of diabetes. I can't close my hand with out pain and can't make a fist. My knees have gone bad and I have gained 70 lbs. because of such pain doing anything just wears me out.

The things I used to like I don't do because they wear me out. Hunting, fishing, gardening and raising animals.

So I sit at this computer look out the window and feel more depressed and wishing I would die.

I thought when I retired I would be hunting, fishing and raising large gardens and lots of animals, but now I just sit and wait.

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It is difficult to live with a chronic health issue.
by: Anonymous

I share some of your feelings such as having to retire and being ill. I can only suggest you reach out and start friendships with others who share your experience.

I joined a group online called :"The Mighty" and get to read stories from others with chronic illnesses and how they cope.

I also think you need family if you have one to spend time with. I am now 71 and I go to both my children's homes for a short time each week as needed for babysitting, household help or errand help and I now have a reason to get up and get dressed. It also lifts my spirits.

Reach out!! You don't have to be alone and I also am taking antidepressants and they help. I can tell you depression is part of your illness, not weakness.

I Just Fully Retired Aug 11, 2016 1:00PM
by: Ken San Diego

You retired at age 61? I'm pushing 67 and just retired Aug 16, 2016 1:00PM (yep, I even knew the time).

The first 4 months of retirement was ok, but now on the 5th, and with my own health issues... (People my age, make "going to the doctor a social outing") I don't! and I worked with doctors for over 25 years! (I don't like them ;-) and I sure don't want to listen to everything they say too!)

Just went to a cardiologist and of course, they find EVERYTHING wrong...I'm going to live one day at a time!

Don't fret over being depressed, that is normal, it's more of what they call, "Reactive Depression" and having diabetes adds to the symptoms,... you want to start losing weight? that is great! I need to lose about 40lbs and it actually can be easy, if you think:

Wow, All I need for lunch / dinner is a nutrient shake (No cooking to do, no dishes to wash etc.)

Go on spontaneous trips ... hop a train, or plane! I do that to change the scenery!

You will be fine! Best Wishes!

Plan B
by: JoJo/almost Oklahoma

I sympathize. I am in my mid-70's, and I am diabetic. I now have other medical problems, and I am primarily housebound and lonely.

I am amazed to be alive, and I often wish I were not because I have no family. Like you, I had plans I had to give up. I was going to move to Ireland to take advanced knitting lessons and learn to spin and dye.

My feet and hands, and even parts in between, are numb and painful, and I cannot knit at all. I wish I could say I have made lemonade from the lemons. Not yet. I'm still looking for a workable Plan B.

Perhaps you need to find Plan B too. (In truth, everybody does, because life sometimes surprises us in bad ways.)

I hope you have a caring doctor who fights for you. Given your age, you are probably not on Medicare yet. Once you are, there are many benefits for diabetics that you should take advantage of. Meantime, there are things you can do. Diabetes is common, and there are lots of online resources and groups where you might find both information and friends.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens has a video showing a group of diabetics going through his residential program in Patagonia, AZ. It is inspiring. It may be on YouTube.

You also might look for a doctor who practices functional medicine. Try to visit a health food store; some have nutritionists who do free consults. Could you improve your diet? Consider supplements? Clinical studies show that berberine works like metformin. Turmeric with black pepper is good for inflammation. Benfotiamine and lecithin help neuropathy.

Could you repurpose your land? Allow its use for a community garden? Let Scouts use it for camping? I hope you have family. If so, they need you. In any case, you have an exciting healing journey ahead.

Don't Give Up and Don't Let Diabetes Win
by: Linda/Nevada

I'm not going to tell you that your depression will just go away. I have suffered from depression almost all my life. My grandmother died in a mental hospital in the late 1940s and one of my maternal aunts lived in a mental hospital for many years.

What I will tell you is that you have to fight for your health harder than maybe some other people. Your diabetes has, unfortunately, hindered you from doing daily activities, but you need to fight back by educating yourself about this wicked disease.

When I was laid off at age 61, my weight was in the obese category and my A1C results showed I was, technically, diabetic. I was so angry, at so many levels, that I couldn't figure out what I needed to do to take control of my health. Every day I had to fight the urges to eat the comfort food that got me into trouble in the first place.

One of my few good traits is that I am tenacious when I need to do something that is beneficial to me.

I am now 65 and still fighting the depression and diabetes demons, but I have made some progress in getting through my days with a little less misery. I hope you can find the motivation to fight for yourself. Diabetes and depression can be managed but you have to do the work. It will be so worth the effort, I promise you.

The author, Iyanla Vanzant, wrote in one of her books, "Realize that the cloud which has descended upon you will be lifted. Remember that clouds only disguise and cover the sunshine, they do not eliminate it."

Shock the World
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Retired at 61:

You haven't mentioned any parents, relatives, wife, children or friends. If you are alone-- you will be forced to get to know who you really are and may find you're quite a guy, just depressed.

Changing your diet can change your life. That happened to me.

I had several medical concerns , which , if I changed my diet I might be able to get rid of all of them.That was back when I was in my late fifties. Today I am 86 and look and feel much younger than I did at 60.

I honestly believe you could create a new you, if you had a well respected nutritionist and a qualified counselor at your side to enlighten you on good food and sound mind.

Sell some of your land and with that money you can get both of these professionals to help you. This will eventually help you find out what a great healthy guy you can become. Go shock, the world , It's fun.

61 GUY
by: Kristine


I don't think you want or need lectures, so none of that. I will just acknowledge your pain and leave it at that. Peace, brother

Put the brakes on
by: Cynthia

Wanted to let you know that someone read your post and was saddened to hear that you feel this way. I have been retired for 3 years and things certainly haven't worked out the way I planned but I keep plugging along. You have to be your own cheerleader.

Since your post was vague I may be stating the obvious...have you talked to your doctor(s) about your complaints?

I am somewhat familiar with diabetes and its' affect on our bodies. However, there are things that we can do to help ourselves if we want to. It is obvious that you miss doing those activities so please be sure that you are helping yourself as best you can in hopes that you may be able to do a few things that will bring you joy.

Research Nutritional Support
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

I am so sorry to hear about your health going down hill. Use your computer to find help. There are functional doctors that can make a difference, although insurance companies will not pay them.

There are lots of health related webinars - more all the time - that can help you begin to know how to turn your health around and for sure there are lots of supplements to make a difference. Do research.

One place to start is The Truth About Cancer. It will give you other leads, too. There is help out there. Make the effort to begin eating differently - juicing, eating more vegetables and fruits. Dr. Mercola is another website to visit. Don't forget to pray and meditate either.

Hope to read about your recovery!
Blessings, Elizabeth

The wonders of Turmeric
by: Sylvie Lister

You don't say if you take any medication, probably you do. Being a natural sort of chap, perhaps you could consider natural remedies. I strongly believe that there is a cure for everything and it's growing outside in our gardens. No one should suffer today in 2017, but I have found ( living in the UK ) that we have to 'self-help'.

I cannot stress enough how Turmeric has helped me, my friends and relations and my dogs.

Don't ever give up! life is/can be sweet again.

Anything is worth a try surely?

Please contact me and I'll tell you how to administer, dosage,side effects etc.

Think about it, you are just as precious as the next person.

Retired at 61
by: Ned Minnasota

Hi. Retired at 61. I too had to retire at 62 because of physical problems... had dreams of doing many things after I retired, but still have most of them to do. take a walk thru a senior care center and then start counting your blessings. find some other sources to get out with others. volunteer at church or ask to be a childs mentor at a school.

if you made it to 60 you must have some history behind you and your local Historical Soc or museum might enjoy hearing it or you might enjoy searching for for history of your area.

each day we are given is one extra day for us to enjoy. yes we have slow downs. I just spent 8 weeks in a extended care fighting a infection from a surgery but each day was one day closer to getting back home and back to our interests... so I guess it is just the way we look at life.

there is even sun shine behind every cloud.

good luck! keep smiling! and think of all of those that are in those home looking at the four walls...
not me if I can help it !

by: Sheila White

I feel sorry for you and for anyone suffering so badly. You say you're diabetic, so I presume you are under a doctor's care and following instructions, taking medication, etc.

I don't know what else to say, but I wish you better health and soon. I, and I'm sure anyone reading this, will pray for you.

retired at 61 due to health
by: mildred/tn

PLEASE go to doctor for antidepressant meds.

You do not have to take care of the 40 acres by your self. Rent it out for the purposes that u were going to do.

Study on the net how u can live in retirement on a small scale like u dreamed of. Let a person set a mobile an for their rent let them take care of a few chickens, goat, rabbits etc, garden..

It is time u got the 70 lbs off, Search for the diabetic diet of foods u like.

Your life is not over-It has just become a new chapter.

Sit and wait
by: Linda/California

I have done the very same thing over the past five years. Luckily I haven't gained a lot of weight but I've done everything else.

My feet bother me so much that I can barely stand walking on them. I am sick of my daily outing being a doctor appointment I am tired of looking at myself in the mirror and not recognizing myself.

I guess as we get older we all do things and see things in the mirror that we don't like to say or we don't even recognize it being us.

If I didn't have my children and my family and my husband around me, I would be a basket case and probably not be alive anymore either.

I don't know how you get out of it but you better try because the alternative and life may not be something you're ready for.

At 61 or 65 you're still a younger person if you want to be. I wish you good luck.

Try change in diet
by: Par from NJ

Please, try changing your diet. Watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix or look it up on Google. I know it's hard for a hunter/farmer to forgo meat, but from all I've read it may be the answer to your problems.

I have no chronic health issues but at age 67. I'm trying to eat 80% vegetarian and since I've decreased the amount of meat, dairy and eggs in my diet I really feel more energetic and less bloated.

You might also want to read about the "wheat belly diet." Many people have a sensitivity to wheat and can suffer from bloating and other issues from eating it.

Whatever you do, don't just sit there and get depressed. Be proactive about your health!

Good luck to you!

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