Retired at 65

by Joan S

My retirement came when I was 65 years old, and I retired mainly because my husband thought I should. I really would liked to have worked until I was 70 or until I was unable to perform my job.

At the time, I was a bookkeeper for a law firm in a neighboring town and thoroughly enjoyed my work and most of the people in the office.

My employment at this law office covered a span of approximately twelve years, and after I retired they hired me back to work during tax season, which usually included the months of February, March, and part of April.

My husband probably would not have insisted I quit if I didn't have to drive fifteen miles to work every day. Since we live in Iowa, there were times when the weather was not too good and he worried about me driving. I didn't enjoy driving in snow or on ice either as I got older.

The four male lawyers in the office gave me a retirement gift, which consisted of a router, routing table, and bits for the router. They knew that I thoroughly enjoyed working with wood, and this was a tool that I did not own at the time. It was a very thoughtful and useful parting gift.

The other secretaries in the office took me out to eat one evening and we had a fun time. I still talk to several of the women who used to work there, but most of the secretaries are new and I don't know them.

One of the attorneys has an annual Christmas party and my husband and I are always invited.

My name is Joan S., I am 81 years old, and live in a small town in central Iowa.

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