Retired at age 51

by Becky

Loved my job for 7 years. Last 2 years big changes for the worst. Not happy. No advancements to move me into a happier position. Husband retired. He wanted to travel. So I quit my job in November of 2010. Depression started.

Felt lonely, purposeless. On medication for awhile. Recently stopped working. Feeling alone and very sad. Tried some volunteer work. That slowed down. Now I am depressed again. Live far from opportunities to volunteer. Tried to volunteer at a few places... and surprise, the volunteers are either on a waiting list or something else.

I keep hitting a brick wall every time I finally get off my backside and do something to get out there. Very discouraging. To make matters worse, my husband is very unsupportive in all this. So It just makes all of this worse.

Alone and depressed............Becky

  • Wendy: Becky you do need to get o-u-t.... we all need to be needed, volunteering or part time work is just perfect. If not, consider a blog (look to the left for "retiree blogs" to see what others are writing about.. LIFE). You simply need something - hobby, work, volunteer, something to keep busy! Best wishes!

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    an option
    by: Anonymous

    If you'd like a volunteer opportunity but can't find one, maybe you could make the opportunity yourself. No one would stop you from weeding at a park or picking up trash. Stop by a nursing home and ask who would be glad for some company for a chat, maybe bring some cookies with you and a thermos to share.

    so sad.
    by: Brenda

    Becky - Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again, i know you can do it. Us women are stronger than we think, and you already have made a friend, so that is a start. Love to hear from you, and not sure where you live, i am in London, so come on and write to me, and that will be a start. take care. love to hear. Brenda.xxxx

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