Retired because of anxiety disability

by Ira
(New jersey)

I worked at a CPA firm for 20 years and 8 years at another before that. i am 62 1/2 About 3 years ago I started to feel burned out.

About 2 years ago it really hit me. The anxiety and depression. I struggled through it the past two years but needed to take time off for short term disability.

I still had the anxiety and depression, was on anxiety depression meds which didn't help. Tried working part time there but I still felt anxiety coming into the office and doing the work... from not wanting to do public accounting anymore, lack of motivation, making mistakes I normally would never make.

Finally decided I had it and retired because of my anxiety disability caused by work. I have been retired about a month and half.

It's been up and down searching for new interests but still no desire to get back even PT into the field. I feel wiped just thinking about it.

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I agree with Wendy
by: Nancy

You will find your niche. Right now, if all you feel like doing is nothing, Yay! for you.

As Wendy said, think about all the extra stressors besides the actual work, getting there, traffic, waking up to the alarm clock, deciding what to wear.

I had big plans of things I would do in my retirement. The only thing that stuck was my quilting hobby for which I am grateful. I would take it more slowly if I had it to do over.

Not obligated
by: Anonymous

You are not obligated to do ANYTHING. Even if you say you are going to do something, you are not obligated.

by: Wendy.

If you feel anxiety about your previous type of work, just don't even do it.

There is so much more you can do... if and when you choose to.

For now, change your mindset and think about how lucky you are to sit and relax for a change. No more bosses, no more running to work, no more fighting with traffic... what a lucky guy!

Give yourself a break. Breathe deeply. Meditate. Seek out new friends -- just don't work, yet.

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