Retired Big Mistake

by Laura

I was on sick leave for breast cancer for a year & a half.

I had the opportunity to do a gradual return to my job. I worked in a University bookstore for 20 years. I loved my job but management made work a toxic place at times. I loved the campus & helping students with their books. I had a really horrible commute which took an hour each way. I was all set to do the gradual return & I thought too much about how I hated my commute. One morning I phoned HR & said I want to retire instead of trying to return.

I felt immediately sick. & like I made a huge mistake. I keep saying "If only I hadn’t called " or "why didn’t I call back & cancel the retirement ". I’m battling anxiety & depression.

I’m only 63. I had planned to make it to 65 & then retire. I feel lost & like I made a huge mistake.

All my Drs. encouraged me to go back to work. I should have listened to them.

My husband is retired & is trying to help me. I don’t know what to do.

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Spread your wings!
by: Anonymous


You are going thru a job mourning process and it may take a long time to get over it. However, think of it this way. You got out of a toxic situation and a horrible commute. This is a time to enjoy your freedom!

Contact your local library and ones in surrounding towns and meet with the head librarian and see if there is any opportunities to work or volunteer. Check out your local historical society and see if they need help. With your background you could be an asset. There are clubs in everywhere.

Look up Meetups. There are lots of clubs to learn something new or do something you like to do as a hobby. You could even start one yourself. You could teach a adult education class on maybe how do do research in a library.

You just need to get outside the zone you have been in and spread your wings! Many people like to volunteer, many like to work at retail stores. There is also your local senior center. See what they have going on!

Good luck!

Response to: Retired Big Mistake
by: Ken / San Diego CA

Dear Laura (if I may use your name)

I retired at age 66 because my part time job (working as an Accountant for my friend's company, ended when they announced that they were moving out of California)I worked with them for 8 years!

I actually went on Social Security at age 62 (I know many of my colleagues, and family never even made it to their desired retirement age, so I said ..I'm taking my benefits early, and didn't care about the extra money (I had prepared my own financial portfolio)

What's with these horrible managers! I was a manager for all of my career and had almost ZERO turnover! Now I accept the fact, that I must have knew how to manage, motivate, respect and empathize with my staff! (anyways! not to pat myself on my back)

Stay retired at your earlier retirement age! Enjoy your youth so you can travel, relax, and not be stressed by the alarm clock (put a permanent SNOOZE on that thing!) Best Wishes!

Find a job close to home
by: Mike - Venice, Florida

You sound like a wonderful person who likes to help people. You're in control. Set your own terms on the type of place where you would like to work. Find a job close to home. Maybe there is a local bookstore where you could work. Or, how about the local library? Maybe there is a paid or volunteer position there.

by: Laura Canada

Thanks for your support and suggestions. Unfortunately my job is gone now. I can’t go back. It’s been posted. I don’t think I can have it back. I have to keep going forward. I don’t know what to do or what’s ahead. I do have some friends outside of my job but don’t see them often. It’s going to be an up hill climb. I don’t know if I can handle this awful feeling much longer. Oh dear.

To: Retired Big Mistake
by: Anonymous

I take a different perspective on your situation. We know God works in mysterious ways and it was his help in making your retire.

After losing my position in late 50’s I had already beat 2 incidents of cancer. For the last 3 years, I have been looking for another similar position but to no avail. I recently got diagnosed with my 3 cancer which I will beat.

Yes I went through all the feelings you expressed and things were starting to look good. I believe God did not want me to return to the job market for a reason.

I now found closure in job hunting, deleted all my job alerts and electronic work related files and will enjoy life after this next battle.

Enjoy your life with your husband.

Big Mistake
by: Anonymous


Do something nearby your home. I feel family support is critical at this point. No point going back to a toxic environment.

good job, bad commute
by: Anonymous

Go back to work and find an inexpensive place to live during the week on campus or right near the campus. I did for years, renting a room in a job aquaintence house for $15 a night.

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