Retired but not really bored

by Debbie

I retired in Jan 2015. I am not really bored. I have hobbies. I work in my big yard. I paint on wood and sell them, not daily but by mouth and on fb, I do get people that want to buy my paintings.

For the most time, I stay in my pj, but I do take a shower. I am finding out that each day that it seem not so eager to make the bed or even get dressed to run to town to take care of business.

I can say that I have slowed down alot. Use to be wide open, never stopping. My husband still has 6 years before retirement. The things that I thought that I would do has happen.

I have had another major set back this Jan., I lost my daddy , he was 82. I feel like I am depressed and people that reach out to me, I push away! Have gone to my doctor and talk about it.

I feel like I have no purpose in life. Just can't make myself get up and go and enjoy life.

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Elna, You are an enlightened soul.
by: Anand/Kansas city

Elna, I loved your response to Debbie, that shines light on your own philosophy of life!

This is exactly what I have believed and practiced for almost thirty years now! That comes from true enlightenment. I speak to my father and my mother several times every day. I still believe they are inside me, and constantly taking care of me. I know that they will not be happy to see me sad; so I try to keep smiling, in spite of my retirement woes.

The fact is that you never die, only your body does. So it is all about self inquiry and realization of who you really are! And once you firmly realize that YOU are the universe and everything in it, and outside it, you can see that there is no birth or death. That state is enlightenment.

I would like to be in touch with you. Please take a look my website, and contact me.


About your father
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Debbie: I have had some "life experiences"that are very hard to believe but they happened --and changed my feelings about life and death.
When someone we love dies we mourn, grieve and get depressed for a certain length of time. This is normal and even necessary.

But it is important that you let your father know that you know he still lives.. Talk to him. I'm not kidding. Otherwise he will have to continue to sadden over the fact that you are depressed and deeply unhappy. As much as you feel the loss of having him around physically, he is still around. You may even "sense this" at times.

Life is a continuous journey whether we want it to be or not. Your father is very much alive, more alive than he ever was when he was here. If we don't know this, we mourn longer because it is the whole death thing that we are mourning as well.

Talk to your father. The kindest thing you can do for him is let him know you can smile as well as cry. It took unusual life experiences for me to know this to be a fact. Much love to you and your dad.

take it easy
by: Anonymous

as the others have said take it easy. those 2 events are pretty stressful in themselves but within a short time .......hard to take. you have to maybe try get active ...join a swimming class. near my place there is a pool and a lot of retired people go there almost daily. there is a bit of a social element to it and its also good for your health, mental and can do it!

Debbie, you'll be fine...
by: Wendy

In one year, you've had two big life events. (1) retirement and (2) your fathers death. Give yourself some time to grieve over the loss of both.

It sounds like you were doing fine, in retirement, until you lost your dad. Did he take up a major chunk of your time? Was he your social outlet?

Simply give yourself time. It's summer. Go sit outdoors a bit, get some sunshine, let your mind heal from your Dad's death.

Sending prayers...

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