Retired College Professor

by Calvin

I was a college professor at a major university for 39 years.

I decided to retire because further time working would not enhance my pension (I was fully funded) and I was getting tired of the routine.

While I kept aging and hopefully maturing, the students remained young adults and asked the same questions as when I started ("I was not in class yesterday. Did I miss anything?")

I did not have to retire, but the retirement provided an economic incentive to retire at 39 years. I sort of faded into retirement.

During the last few minutes of my last class -- which was a large 300 student lecture -- about 20 of my colleagues came in and honored me. It was a new practice for the department and a very touching moment.

After that I still had other duties to perform for the next three months--mainly finishing up my doctoral students, finishing some research, and clearing out my office. When my official retirement date came, the department hosted a party to honor myself and two others, but I found it climatically.

Since then I have not gone back to the department for a visit, although I have been invited several times.

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faculty retirement
by: Anonymous

I am also a retired college professor. I retired after 27 years. The California State University system allowed retired professors to work half time for five years after retirement.. This was a perfect transition to full retirement. The university systems that offer this transition find it very valuable. Everybody wins!

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