Retired: Do NOT Call me....

by Wendy

Years ago, I registered my home phone on the DO NOT CALL national registry list. Loved the fact that our dinner time calls stopped!

I think you had to re-register every five years back then.

For one year, I've been retired and answer dozens of calls each week... and it drives me battier than I already am! grin!

The Do Not Call site now says this is a permanent registration on the DO NOT CALL list.. yeah!

If you need to register and Stop those bothersome tele-calls, automated, no real person on the line -- AND -- the people who call over and over... register at the link below.

Do Not Call government site.

I registered both my home phone AND my cell in one registration, that's new too and really great!

You'll thank yourself that you registered!

"Thanks wendy!"

"Yer welcome, anytime!"

Yep, she is kinda batty!

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