Retired early

by ro

I am a 58 yr old nurse, no longer working. I would like to hear from people in my age group. I sometimes feel a little anxious about retiring early, leaving others behind still working.

Then on other days, I am glad I am not working, starting to enjoy my freedom. I also feel I have lost my identity.

I am working hard at building a new me, reading a little, exercising, spending time with family. I am feeling a bit more comfortable not working most days, but I have times when I miss the workplace.

Thank you so much for your website, you have helped me through this journey!

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by: Sheila

Your question is easy to answer. Try volunteering for a facility similar to the one where you previously worked. You can choose your own hours and feel that you are using your skills for the benefit of yourself and others. Good luck!

Retired @ 54 and loving it
by: Anonymous

If you looking for a new life check out your local senior center. My local center always has multiple options. Also check local education centers for life long learning options. I want to be retired as long as I worked.

retiring early
by: Barbara

I retired at 51, after 30 years as an elementary teacher. It took several years and a couple false starts in other jobs to start to feel like I was adjusting. I am now working half time, I'm my own boss, and keep my own hours. The freedom is great, but it means I have to keep working til I die! Just kidding, but some days it feels like it. You'll get good to yourself, and don't be afraid to try new things.

Retired Early
by: Debra

Hi Ro......I just retired myself at 59. My husband passed away last year and I find myself in a position where I don't have to work. After the trauma of my husband I said to myself life is too short and I want to enjoy as much as I can without punching a clock! I do volunteer work at a animal rescue and find it very rewarding. I set my own hours and I feel that I am giving back. Good-luck to you.......

Hi Retired Early
by: Jayna

I am the same age as you and just retired from teaching. I have so many of the same feelings that you do. I knew retirement would be an adjustment because I left teaching while I still was vital. Wanted it that way!

But teaching was such a part of my identity and I miss belonging to the dedicated staff. Still trying to figure out what to do with all this free time.

I am starting a part time job (3 hours a day) with an on line university in their education department next week. Hoping that that structure will help.

Wish my husband would retire. Trying to talk him into it at the end of 2014 instead of waiting until 2015.

Thanks for sharing your post.

Wendy: I also wish my husband would retire soon, but hesitate to "talk him into it".

Just think for one moment - you know how you feel with your own voluntary retirement, right? What if he had kinda forced you into it? You'd likely blame him, feel cheated, whatever.

Everyone reallly needs to do retirement in their own time. It needs to be voluntary (and still we fall), not involuntary (forced retirement).

There are stories on this site about depressed husbands who do nothing all day and the wifes who agonize about it. Don't do that for him, or yourself.

You've put the idea in his head, let it simmer there a bit -- and he will make a decision.

Just my two cents as I've seen so many UNhappy retirees...

Best Wishes!

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Dear Ro,

U r still young, why on earth would u stop working at your career? U may live another 40 years (God willing). Maybe u can afford to retire? Maybe u have a health issue? l don't know.

However, l guess u made the right decision for u.
l like u had a nursing career too, but had to retire for health reasons at the age of 55, BUT l did not want too.

l did continue working part-time with different community care agencies, but couldn't handle the driving from 1 client to the next (too much pressure) however l enjoyed my work working with the clients.

l am now 66 & l wonder what will bring me happiness if l live to be 95yrs. Family doesn't NEED u any longer the grand-children are all older now & starting their own lives!

l miss my working days, l miss the people, the connection we all have in a working environment.

What does 1 do with very little money ( after bills) and lots & lots of time?

Volunteer oh yes done that too~
l am relatively healthy now, walk every day weather permitting, l miss having a partner to share my life~ dinner, dancing, smiling, laughing, just having a wonderful time.

Good luck with yur retirement. Maybe u have some one that could make all the difference for u!

Feel good, one step at a time!!!!
by: Ro

Thank you all for your encouragement. I am finding many of you also retired early and feel the pinch of loss/ of feeling part of the group at work and feeling the loss of identity.

I am going to look into volunteering and continue my reinvention!!!

Thank you again for your comments.

Good luck and have a joyous day!!!

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