Retired, Extremely Busy, and Totally Confused

by GWA

When I retired from Verizon after 36 years as a technician, I was ready to go and try something new. I was tired of the Corporate life and had always dreamed of doing something for myself. I had re-married a year before I retired and my new wife was very supportive of me leaving.

I knew that the key to happiness in retirement was staying busy. The first few months were spent doing home improvements, selling the house that I had before re-marrying, and settling my mothers estate. For several years I have done Custom Picture Framing as a hobby, so I decided to go into business doing that. I have no lack of ideas on staying busy.

That brings me to the problem...I've been too busy!!

I can probably count on two hands the number of days that I have simply relaxed since retirement. I still get up early, shower, dress, and get my wife off to work. I then find myself jumping from one thing to the next...feeling busier than I did when I was working. I often say that I don't know how I had time to work!

Now, a year and a half have passed since my retirement and I find myself confused about my role. When working you have a set schedule, a job to do, and interaction with co-workers. When you retire that set routine vanishes.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad that I left and know that I made the right move. It just takes time to adjust after 36 years of doing the same thing.

When I finally take the time to realize the blessing that I have in retirement and relax some, is when I will be truly happy (and I know that day will come soon). Until then I know that I will continue to be anxious and confused!!

Wendy: Oh my goodness, this could be MY story! I worked 36 years for local government, retired just short of two years ago, and just recently told former co-workers that I am the retiree who says "How did I find time to work?"

When retirees told me that, years ago, I'd say "but WHAT do you do all day?" Few had answers, they knew they were busy but didn't quite know what they did all day. The same is true for me - maybe I take a little longer to grocery shop (hey, there is no rush) and longer to fold clothes from the dryer (perfect little folds)... I don't know! Grin!

I was in quite a website frenzy for the first year, then got a little burned out, I think... and now I'm talking it a bit slower. Just a bit...

I started listening to meditation audios. They are actually mind-empowering audios to both relieve stress and yet help you to control your world better. They are helping me and I will write about them soon!

The funny thing, as I listen to them to learn new techniques on my own odd behaviors (yep, I'm odd... grin!) I think "Daaaaah, if only I recognized that when I worked". I also wonder WHY I am into fixing my mental world, now, when I could just chill and stop working.

I can't stop working..

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by: Om Joshi

Dear friends,
After retirement continue to use your skill, earn new skills, craft or business, writing, teaching, social service or any thing of your choice. it will keep you busy and happy.

Human energy should be useful.
Remain young with your actions and mind.
Collecting things is also an important action.

With regards,
O.P. Joshi, India

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