Retired for 3 months and evolving

by John M / NV

I retired about 3 months ago. I also sold my home and took to the road.

What I found was that I had a hard time relaxing. I kept wanting to just drive places and not really stop to smell the flowers.

I became a certified life coach about 1 1/2 years ago, thinking that I could do this while traveling. I help others find their passions, now I am working to discover more of my own. I will be getting on the road soon again, though this time I will be spending more time sitting in the stillness.

I thought that I would find contentedness as soon as I retired after working for almost 50 years.

It is coming, just not as fast as I wish it would. :)

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by: Gail/Fresno

Congratulations on your retirement. What I want to say is just relax. I have been retired for 6 years now, and, man, that time flew by. Take your time, enjoy each day. Your flow will come. Just don't try to rush it.

Searching for ....
by: Freddy/NJ & FL

So I think we tend to look for that new person, place, or thing to find happiness.

And it does bring us happiness for a little while...maybe that's why there's that gypsy spirit in us all. Happy trails .

It takes Time
by: Alison NY

You've only been retired three months!! It takes a lot longer to develop a new pace. It's been almost 8 YEARS for me amd I am still a work in progress. Had to try meditation, hypnotherapy, and lots of reading to get myself in a state of relaxation.

I would think that being on the move so much generates a little bit of angst. Maybe you should try staying in one nice warm place for a little while, and figure out your next move.

Good luck. You're heading in the right direction.

retired / not trying hard enough
by: matt i

john -retirement is not idleness or feeling guilty about not being busy -or helping people find their purpose or yours ?

Retirement or i call it reflection is you have work on it /create / invent / your purpose like you would your meals.

Does food magically appear when we are hungry ? do you decide to make something or just grab fast food-so you don't have to think ?

A tendency to fly too straight at a goal --instead of circling it --often carries one too far .

Journey more important than destination
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

As is often said "the journey is more important than the destination."

Find joy and excitement in all that you will learn on your road to contentedness.

Retired for 3 months
by: Sherry/ NC

You have the right attitude, keep moving on!

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