Retired for almost a year and a half

by Elisa
(Chandler, AZ)

I retired from a large bank after 20 years with them and 47 years of full time employment. (time spent working my way up, I guess!)

After a well-known scandal at my Large Bank (which will remain nameless), the entire management staff was "furloughed" and replaced by more people of the same philosophy.

I decided that since I was eligible for retirement and was still lucky enough to have a younger (still employed) husband to carry the income load, I would retire. My husband was on board since he was more than ready for me to stop complaining about my job day in and day out.

The first 6 months of retirement were hard. After going to work every day for over 47 years, I felt very guilty not getting up and going to do my part to earn income for our family. I scoured the help wanted ads every day and applied for (and got) two jobs which I considered then decided to decline. I even applied for and was offered a job at my former Bank. Turned that one down too as I remembered all the reasons I opted out in the first place.

It is now a year later. I've trained to be a volunteer at Hospice and have enjoyed that very much, but since the assignments are few, I have actually spent more time at home and alone while my husband toils away each day.

I take care of him, prepare his lunches, grocery shop, cook, clean and make sure his work shirts fresh and crisply ironed. I spend a lot of time alone, online, reading, listening to the radio or watching TV. I take care of my small backyard and keep the plants alive inside the house. I am happy.

Sometimes, I still have the sense that I should be doing more but more often I am happy and content with my life. I enjoy my own company and I don't feel lonely at all. (sometimes I wonder if I should feel lonely?)

I've lost 20 lbs. in the last year and my husband and I have more quality time on weekends since we don't have to be running around doing errands and chores.

If you had asked me a year and a half ago, I never would have thought I'd be where I am today. I guess the moral of this story is - Give yourself time. How you feel today is not the way you're going to feel a year from now.

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Great ideas to have a happy retirement
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for sharing how you deal with retirement. What I see is having a simple life is enough to be happy. That is what I do with mine every day.

Don´t wait someone else guide your steps through happiness.

Retired for almost a year and a half
by: Sherry/ NC

Hey Elisa, you are exactly doing what you are suppose to do and tha is what you want you to do and it is making you feel fulfilled!! When a person retires it takes a while to figure it out your days and time! It took me a year and now I am feeling good!! Lucky you to be married to a young man; you go girl!!

Retired for almost 1-1/2 years
by: Joan, Middletown, Rhode Island

I was a RN for 46 years, now retired for almost 2 years in Sept 2018, with the encouragement of my husband who had been retired for 3 years before me. Your story reminded,so much of me!

At first, it does feel strange not to work, but you fill the time with things for you to do, and to care for a home you never had the time to do. I too, lost 20 lbs in retirement (less stress) + enjoy the freedom retirement brings.

Love your words: "Give yourself time. How you feel today is not the way you're going to feel a year from now."

Thanks for the post!

Thank you, Helene
by: Anonymous

I appreciate your kind comments! Have a blessed day!

Your days sound enjoyable
by: Helene Botch

Elisa, reading your story was a delight and very encouraging!

It took you a little while to figure out just how to best use your days, but now you are on a wonderful path to a happy and healthy retirement.

Thanks for sharing your typical daily routine and pointing out how life with hubby now has fun, quality-time weekends!!

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