Retired for One Year

by JC
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I retired a year ago (I'm now 57) due to ill health. I haven't yet gotten to that zen retirement state that everyone seems to talk about. This is hard!

I've been working on my health issues, but can't seem to get ahead-just when I think something's been dealt with, my body gives me something else!

My husband is still working so I find myself alone at home quite a bit. People always say to get out and socialize, but I never know if I can plan something or if I'll be feeling up to it. I tried a volunteer office position but didn't enjoy it-it felt too much like busy-work and not fulfilling.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I suffer from anxiety and depression as well as some physical issues.

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Retired a year also
by: Jerry

I have been retired for a year also. The first six months were horrible. I had planned pretty well financially, but had not planned for life in retirement at all. I was very depressed for the first six month. I did some consulting in my field. I looked for jobs trying to retreat to the working world. I had no luck.

I really need stimulation so tomorrow I'm starting a Ph.D. Program. I'm not at all sure what I will do with it, but I will be with people, working on a project, and staying active. For me, these are the benefits. The degree is just the vehicle.

You will feel better if you are as active as you can be and have a busy mind.

by: Wendy

I have to comment here... I've never really heard anyone talk about a ZEN Retirement state.

Life is hard, before and after retirement. Yes, you'd have more time to meditate, stay calm, find peaceful activities... if that's what you seek, but this is still life.

The Retirement Transition may take months, or years... and in your case, one year didn't help you, yet.

You will get there, but please remember;

Retirement is a Journey -- not a Destination.

You don't retire and suddenly live a blissful life... that's simply not realistic. You will, however, find new pursuits, a new relaxed lifestyle, and find your own personal way, in time...

It all takes time. Give yourself a break. You the get there!

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