Retired Ford motor hourly...Sell My pension.

by Roderick jones

I've been retired from Ford motor co. about seven question is can I sell the remainer of my account for a lump sum??And what would be a fair offer? I recieve just over 2600 a month after taxes.

Wendy: Most people could only dream to have your pension... why on earth would you sell it?

You can't sell it, of course, its based on your service, your life expectancy and will be paid for your life. IF you took a survivor option, then your beneficiary will receive a pension for life (50%, 75%,100% depending on the option elected).

You have the world in front of you, you have a lifetime income coming in - whether you sit back and enjoy it, or whether you work to double dip (pension and wages) and earn/save even more.

Hope this helps!

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Life Settlement
by: Anonymous

Mr. Jones,
If you are needing cash due to medical bills or you need money to pay for your care, you may want to consider a "life settlement". This is an insurance policy that is based on your life expectancy. Just a suggestion in case you need money asap.

Mujhko Marwaah Diyaa, Saale Ne ....
by: Retd. Prof.Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, C-3, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India

"Mujhko Marwaah Diya,Saale Ne ..." in Hindi means ~"He has made me suffer, "**** his sister !" ....

This happened several months ago at the peak of summer. I had gone to the college to collect my pension. As I came out I saw another colleague (a new retiree) come down the stair case. After greeting him I said "You have a nice T-shirt there !" He felt good ... and said .... Come on, it is very hot, I shall drop you at the bus stop in my car .... As he drove the car, I complimented him on his expert driving in Delhi's dense traffic. ... he felt even more good and said .... "Srivastava Saheb, please allow me to drop you at your home."

It was a 20 minute drive. We began conversing. I asked him if he had received his first pension yet. It was then that he told me the whole sad story, ending with the above quoted abusive remark. The college had offered to the employees an option to choose pension to replace contributory provident fund and prescribed a last date for exercising the option. A discussion had started among the employees on the pros and cons of this option.

On the last date, an hour before the college office closed, a group of about 50 teachers went to the college offce to deposit their option forms for pension benefit.

It was then that a teacher came to persuade them not to deposit the option form. A heated debate began. The teacher snatched the collected option forms and tore them down. The group was shocked at his audacty. There was no time to prepare another set of option forms. They lost the opportunity to opt for pension.

That teacher (who had torn up the pension option forms) died after an year of his retirement. Some colleagues saw his wife at the college office. On inquiry she told them that her husband had chosen the pension option and that she had come to get her family pension.

The late teacher had himself chosen the pension option, but had torn up the pension option forms of other teachers. This was the cause of the use of abusive language aginst him long after his death. How difficult it is to understand human nature.!

Retd. Prof. D.K.Srivastava, 13 Feb., 2014

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