Retired Founder/CEO

by Melodie/ keystone heights Florida

I am also in the same boat as many.

My husband has been retired for about 18 years he does nothing but sit, he won't go anywhere, not to movies or Dinner, just is content sitting in front of the tv.

I asked him to please fix the roof on our porch which was leaking. He said tomorrow, the tomorrows went on for two months, it finally got fixed. I had to get it done, anything that needs done, just do it myself, there have been to many tomorrows and they never come.

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Decide To Do Whatever It Takes To Stay Active
by: Patricia Murphy-SW Michigan

I'll tell you, when my husband was around, he got so he didn't do much more than watch TV and sit in the same recliner in the living room.

I went about my life, did things with friends, took care of whatever needed to be taken care of either on my own, or hired it done. And that recliner? I swore when he was gone I'd haul it out to the side yard and torch it. But I didn't. I listed it free for a good home on Craig's List and got rid of it that way.

Such is life...My suggestion is just don't get mired down on getting mired down.

Do whatever you want to do, or can do, and keep your life interesting.

by: Sherry

Yep, too much pride. It can be a sin.

Just a thought...
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

If he has been retired 18 years, maybe he can't do these things anymore?

I say that because my own father divorced his wife rather than admit he can't do household things. He was a too proud man, and until the end he loved his wife, but would not admit his health was failing him. He got angry when her younger brother tried to help, and he liked him too. Just too proud.

I don't know how your husbands health is, but if he's been sitting watching tv for 18 years, well, just think about it,..

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