Retired: Habitat for Humanity Scrapbook

by Phyllis Snook
(Middleburg, PA)

My husband swings a hammer for Habitat for Humanity. I wanted to get involved too but knew that my hammer skills weren't up to par.

I did the next best thing, I used my photography skills to make a Habitat scrapbook for the new homeowners.

I had never done scrapbooking before so I took a class just to find out how it is done. Needless to say my very first scrapbook turned out beautifully.

Now I had the confidence to make more scrapbooks for Habitat. I made my second scrapbook in 2010. It proved to be so much nicer than the first one.

When you make a scrapbook for Habitat, you take photographs of the new home being built from beginning to end. That means you must be at the site, each and every time a volunteer is building a part of the house, rain, or shine.

After you take the photographs, you must print them out. You never know what picture will be used for the scrapbook, so you might have to print up more than one or two photographs. You present your scrapbook at the dedication of the home.

In our area, scrapbooks consisted of only pictures, however mine is an actual scrapbook - it tells a story, the story of the building of a new home. You don't get paid for your work but it is very rewarding. I would tell anyone who wants to volunteer their time to check out Habitat for Humanity.

You don't need to swing a hammer, there are so many other things you can volunteer for in Habitat.

The look of the faces of the homeowner's when you present the book is all too rewarding. I can't say enough about this wonderful organization. If you are interested in volunteering for them, just call or email the chapter in your home town.

Get involved, it is a wonderful way to spend your retirement time.

Wendy: WOW.. wonderful idea! I hope others get involved... what a huge treasure for the new homeowner!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Fantastic idea Phyllis
by: Louise K - Litttleton, CO

I was very excited when I read about your volunteer gift of a scrapbook to those receiving a Habitat For Humanity home.

I love creating scrapbooks/photo albums and it is a wonderful way to enjoy volunteering and hopefully forming a tangible lasting memory for people who might not other wise have a way to keep those memories.

Don't know how my local chapter will receive this idea but plan on finding out.

Thanks for sharing this.

What a great idea
by: Pam

I think that is a great idea, what a nice thing to get from someone along with your new home. I'll bet you enjoyed making it too, I love taking pictures, so this would be great.

Thanks for letting us know.

Great Organization
by: Betty Audet

This is a great organization. I am glad you are happily working with it.

We were never skilled and now definitely too old, but we found other organizations where we could help people and can still do a little. (97 and 84)

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