Retired Husband, Married 56 Years Now

I retired 21 years ago -- actually, became ill and had to take a medical disability.

Until I got sick, I was going to be the oldest teacher in my county. THAT didn't work out.

When my hubby retired, he came into the family room and said to me, "If you'll clean off your washer and your dryer I can do some of your towels." I replied, "They're not MY towels any more -- they are OUR towels." And ever since, he washes all the sheets and towels, and does all the dishes in the kitchen for all meals.

We've been married for 56+ years. In the morning he eats his breakfast, then gets online to do what he does (lots of thinking puzzles), checks e-mail, and all that stuff. Eventually, he turns on the TV and watches every sporting event ever created by man.

I am so grateful that we traveled in our 50's and 60's because we don't now. However, I do have widow friends who will travel with me.

Just join some clubs (volunteer groups are great) and you will find people to travel with.

It would be more fun with your hubby sitting at a nice table with a glass of wine, but girl friends are great to have!

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It's good to enjoy life
by: Ruth

If you get such a great moment, thank God and fully enjoy it.

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