Retired, I am so bored!

by Diane
(Fairfield, PA)

I retired July 2015 after teaching for 41 years. I was given an incentive to retire - $1,000 per year of service - duh! I took the money.

My husband is also retired. We took a 2 week vacation to Florida in October. Christmas was busy with family & friends. Now it is the end of February 2016 and I find myself bored to death!

All I want to do is eat & sleep with my laptop in my face! No, I don't do Facebook but have looked at postings of family & friends. I have hobbies, friends, & wonderful family but I feel so lost.

Experiencing anxiety with rapid heart beat too. Cut out the coffee. Doing TaiChi daily. Have looked at the volunteering options, but nothing looks interesting.

Don't want to go back into the school system to volunteer - 41 years of children was enough. Some times I just want to stay in bed and not even get up. The entire meaning for my life, 41 years, is gone.

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by: Anonymous

I'm bored and feel useless. All I've ever done was teach for 45 years! It wasn't my choice to leave the field. I was pushed out for not being bilingual.

New to Retirement
by: Anonymous

Had been a first grade teacher for a number of years and quit teaching to raise my son. Once he was in school I went back to work in a different field, and at 61 I was recently laid off. It’s only been a month and I find myself watching too much TV and can’t seem to get motivated, some days worse than others. Finding the lack of structure so difficult.

me too!!
by: Ben

Thank you Diane.....I thought I was the only one losing my mind from retiring early! 😵

Tried all the usual activities quoted by folks here....nothing worked!!

You are luckier than me is much more difficult when you are single!! 😩

Adjusting to retirement
by: Anonymous

Recently retired (6 weeks ago) from public accounting at 62 1/2.

Had enough. My mind hit an imaginary wall. So far I keep busy during the summer by going to the gym, some hiking and biking, the beach periodically and reading.

I do feel out of sorts once I get home from doing these activities. Sometimes feel a bit down when at home.
I thought I would fully slide into retirement but find it has its ups and downs

My county is having a volunteer fair at the local mall in Sept. That I want to check out. See if volunteering is my thing. Still trying to figure retirement out.

New to retirement
by: Ira

Reading these posts is a help.

i am newly month in and have ups and downs. I go to the gym, bike a bit, the beach and hiked once. I am still adjusting. Some days I may feel bored. Some days I have to push myself out still.

Glad to hear I am not alone in an adjustment phase.

Wendy: you are certainly not alone.

It Gets Better
by: Carrie/ Texas

It does take time. Be kind to yourself and get to know your inner self. Write in a journal all that you're feeling.

I know. I was there three years ago, just retired from teaching too. It's hard to get used to not being busy every minute of the day. One thing that helps is to think back on what you loved to do as a ten year old. Start doing that again. I took classes and loved being the student instead of the teacher.

Also, remember how lucky you are not to HAVE to work now. Count your blessings. Think of ten things to be grateful for twice a day. It took me about two years to get used to being retired, but you will.

Just remember, it gets better!

It takes time
by: Jan at Retiring not Shy

As others have said you are in transition and it takes time to find yourself in retirement; to create your own rhythm and routines. Allow yourself the time to do that but make sure you don't get lost in the online world. Having said that you might find some useful articles on our blog In my post "Get up, get dressed" I talk about how I get my day started.

Gym Classes
by: X teacher Too

I recently retired from teaching too. It's an adjustment. I find happiness by taking Zumba classes at the gym. I feel relaxed and energized after I leave. Try it!

Gym classes
by: Anonymous

Join a gym. There are so many classes available. Believe it or not a lot of retirees are there during the day. The dance classes are really fun! That is what I enjoy the most. I have a great attitude when I leave.☺️

About being bored
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Being Bored:

I dare say you are not a boring person and as a former teacher, I know most teachers I know and knew are interesting lively people.

You may have to make friends with yourself, your real self. You can also take classes and meet people who have open minds and are curious to learn or do something they have never tried before.

This is a time to dare something new. Dare your imagination to come up with something so new that it may even scare you a little. I don't recommend parachuting out of planes but, you still have a treasure trove of energy and promise inside you that is prodding you to let it fly. This is a new day for you. Blessings.

Retirement Plan
by: Joe W.

You seem to have all the skills, knowledge and resources to live a productive retirement life. What would be your retirement plan if you were given three different choices that had no obstacles but only required the will to go ahead?

Joe W.

by: Anonymous

You are in a transition phase, a good time to do some soul searching and get to know yourself in a way that you never had time for. Do not set your mind on the negative feelings. Acknowledge them as part of your development, and remember always, this too shall pass. Time to start pleasing yourself. Peace

by: Rox/BHC

Take a look at the anxiety and depression page at this site. Wink. Too, I hear teachers and such (like officers, bosses, and everyone) have it rough, you have relations.

by: Rox/BHC

Do you not remember all the advice you gave all them kids? TRY IT. I was put out to pasture, on disability. Try a position at volunteering, or go to city hall and hear what they say (I went to ours and was put into a real good attitude for what I would do next-snicker). If you do not like what you try I am SURE the people there will understand. If it's at some place like a hospital I find that they may ask you to not start unless you are willing to stay for awhile - what it is is that you ought to know if you want to preform their duties. TRY IT. I can't mentally keep up any more or I would be out there, but I sit with my computer and go to a group once in awhile and see my therapist and that's about it. Do I know what bored is?! LOL. I hope with your education this note does not offend. Have a Good Day. Go for a walk!

Smell the Roses
by: John A / Tyler

Yup, I would say 41 years of teaching those little darlings is "enuff". To be given $1000 / year of service is frosting on the cake and time to move on to other things. Actually you deserved more for having to be the parent who actually takes responsibility for taking care of other folks kids.

In the mean time until you do decided to do something else, why not kick back, relax and smell the roses. After all, you earned it.

Yeah, things can get pretty boring after experiencing the hustle and bustle of the work place and it all stops suddenly upon retirement. Now it's time to stop and smell the roses.

When you've had "enuff" of doing nothing, you'll get out an do something; volunteering, starting your own business or hobby. Until then, start smelling the roses.

When you stop and smell the roses, you'll find life has much to offer after retirement. Life doesn't stop at this juncture of life. It's only beginning a new journey down a different path.

You're now at the folk in the road. Take it and smell the roses. It's time to learn to live, laugh and enjoy life because you earned it. When you get tired of being bored, you'll do something. For now, have your cup of coffee in your PJs, read the newspaper, talk a walk around the neighborhood, listen to the birds, laugh, love and smell the roses.

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