Retired in India... Another perspective.

by Baasim

I live in India aged about 61 years, retired from government service two years back.

I am now enjoying every bit of my life from my retirement.

My daily activities are waking up early in the morning say 5:00 am, and going for walk with my retired friend who resides to the next of my house.

We nearly walk for 3 hours and getting home tiredly and taking a nap almost for 10 minutes. After that we have breakfast and bathing.

Praying to god and I and my friend going for going for hunting in the forest until the evening, taking photographs, helping the accident borne animals by taking them to hospital, giving food for the birds and so on. We are busy and forget the whole world when we are in the forest.

Coming home at 7 or 8 pm. Getting bathed and having supper, after we tell our grand children the stories, jokes and so on and the happy life passes away sweetly.

Yes of course we are busy the whole day up to friday. Next day saturday we go to the people where they can't able to earn their livelihood, we will conduct classes about the different ways of earning money and how to be healthy and awareness camps.

Every sunday our both families go for outing to any famous places or temples or any seeings or for hill trekking etc. We normally eat the entire day's food in the hotels be it breakfast, lunch and supper.

I have hobbies like computer browsing,listening to music, watching movies in the theaters with my family and my friend's family.

Life became beautiful after our retirement.

Thank god for giving me a wonderful life.I am very delighted to share my after life retirement with you.

Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Thanks a lot.

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