Retired in India: Unhappiness Turned into Happy Retirement (website writings)

by Pram

I am currently residing in Calicut a city in India and am 65 years old retired.

I have always dreaded of my retirement day as I love working and never like to sit idle. The final day when I left my government job in Calicut at the age of 60, instead of feeling happy and relaxed as others would at my age, I felt real sad and the thought of sitting at home watching TV or gardening with only the pension amount as the only source of income really haunted me.

I had put up a fake smile on my face in front of my co-workers at my farewell party and deep inside me I was crying and wished secretly that the government could have extended the age of retirement from 60 to 75 or more.

While I was leaving office I really had missed it and felt sad on knowing I am old enough to get out of the office and am not a part of the organization any more.

Seeking another job at my age was not very simple and for a few months, like all retirees I started waking up late, watching television, strolling in the evenings. It continued for a few months until I got bored.

I decided I have to find some way to kill time and earn extra income than my regular pension. I searched the net for guidance on how to earn income from home and while doing the research works I stumbled upon a website where we could provide services like article writing, blogging and many similar works and now I am here writing articles earning extra income fully satisfied and occupied.

Now I feel that I am really enjoying my retirement life and have plenty of things like blogging, article writing to do, which keeps me engaged all through the day and has helped earn huge income than the amount I have earned before my retirement.

I have time to do all the leisure activities like eating out whenever I feel like or gardening or travelling whenever I wish like without having to compromise my extra income after retirement.

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