Retired in Las Vegas

by Lennon
(Las Vegas)

Moving from Upstate NY to Las Vegas has allowed us to retire to not only better weather but also a much lower cost of living.

In our retirement community our property tax is 1/4 of what we paid in NY and no state income tax makes our SS go a lot further.

We also found 3 Buffalo Bills sports bars to watch the games and meet new friends from Upstate.

Lovin life in Vegas, think about it!

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Love Vegas!
by: Wendy

I hear you...

Mom owns a condo in Vegas and we go there a few times each year. It's simply beautiful.

The funny thing is that we NEVER go near The Strip... where everyone goes in Vegas. The locals go to off-the-strip casinos, and we do too. Less traffic there, but just as nice as those places on the strip.

It's a bit more costly than a few years ago... the casino's used to have so many deals on lunches to get you into the casino. It worked, great food, and fun!

We love to take Day Trips to Laughlin (on the Colorado RIver), or Red Rock Canyon, etc.

We've never lived there, but both of our condo neighbors moved there (from other states)... and they love it too.

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