Retired in San Francisco, volunteers

by Jane Robbins
(San Francisco)

My Retirement Life by Jane Robbins

I live in San Francisco. I'm 64 and retired in October 2009. I had been working part-time for four years prior to retirement, so I had a life outside of working as a legal secretary.

Every day I go somewhere and do something. I volunteer twice a week at an elementary school. I'm a teacher's assistant working with the third grade. This is a wonderful experience for me.

The teacher and staff at the school appreciate my help. The children probably get the least benefit. I enjoy volunteering at the school because it is something to totally new. The After-School Program has a slot for "doing homework" where I can assist. I have no teacher training. However, experience is a great teacher.

The school is also my main topic of conversation. I hope to increase my hours this Summer. I'm hoping to work 15 hours per week at the school and get a stipend of $3.75 per hour.

I also volunteer once a week at the library. I sort donated books and type labels for online sales. I enjoy the book business and the people who work there. Lunch is the highlight of the day.

My hobby of 30 years is clay sculpture. I spend most weekends at a ceramic studio enjoying the clay. My weekend activities are the same as always. Many of the people I know at the studio don't know I'm retired.

On days when I don't volunteer or do clay, I go to a gym. My first choice is yoga. When a class is not available, I swim. I also spend more time marketing, cooking and trying new recipes.

Although it might sound like I'm busy, I'm not.

I'm usually awake for two or more hours before leaving the house. I often nap on exercise days.

Most evenings are partially wasted in front of the DVD player.

Lucky for me, I'm in great health. My main worry is money. I'm looking for part time work.

I would also like to have more friends.

All and all, life is good.

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Keep up the good work...
by: BJB


Lots of good friends on this site....
Interesting life and after retirement too..

I'm in the music world..composer/ musician/ and produce demo Cd's for lyricists for the fun of it... and live in Orange County right now...
near sunset Beach.. love it here and have a studio in my home...

Well friend that's all for now.... ok.. hope you make a lot of friends, count me in if you wish.ok.

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