Retired in Tennessee

by Sandy

I retired at home. I live in middle Tennessee which I still think is beautiful and engaging in all four glorious seasons.

I live just outside Nashville, so I have all the amenities a big city has to offer; NHL hockey, major league football, and nine colleges and universities. My suburban hometown of Franklin still has a central square surrounded by beautifully kept brick buildings. On a fair day, the downtown is full of people out being seen and taking in the sights.

Why would I leave this beautiful place?

Tennessee does not have a state income tax. My real estate taxes run about $2,500 per year. I pay sales tax at near 10%, but since I don’t do a lot of shopping these days, so that hardly affects me. The cost of living here is nothing like the large popular retirement states. The cost of living is very affordable.

I also hate the thought of moving. I am faced with a house full of furniture. I don’t know what I would have to sell or donate. It is a lot of work for one person. I have downsized, but I am a widow and have no one to go with me to a new city.

All the friends that I have are here, and most of them are friends of long standing. I have fixed up the house in case I have to sell it. I updated the kitchen and bathrooms, putting in granite and tile and getting rid of the wallpaper. But other than that, I am sinking the money necessary for only upkeep into the house. If anything, I would like to sell the house and get into something smaller.

Sometimes I feel as if my things own me since I have to find a way to keep them dry. But the big kicker is that this house is paid for. I have no debt on it but for taxes and very low homeowners’ association fees. I also know all its faults. I look that the quality of new construction and I am appalled at seeing particle board stapled to 24 inch centers with nail guns. If I buy new, I think I will get an inferior quality. If I buy used, I inherit someone else’s problems. I can’t think of a reason to leave.

My life is here. Why would I want to abandon that?

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Retirement in Tennessee
by: CK

Moved here from Illinois and seven years in the northwest. Can't tell you how wonderful Tennessee is proving to be. Live in Farragut and property taxes are so low, it's unbelievable.

Our pension goes a very long way here and we live in a gorgeous all-brick home that would have cost nearly a million back in the Midwest. People are friendly. We stay with other expats, mostly.

Good weather most of the time and still live within a day's drive of the kids and family. Don't want them in my back yard.

I know what you are thinking----down here with the hillbillys. All I can say is....I thought that as well until I lived here for a while. People are coming here from all over the world to live and work.

Big tech area with Oak Ridge national lab and HGTV....University of TN close. Great medical care.

Sure, there are some downsides, but I can tell you, having lived in several places that this one is a keeper.

by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

He was a retired man. He had worked hard all through his life as a successful goldsmith, raising a family and settling his children. As his eyes began failing and his hands began to tremble, he handed over his business to his children to lead a contented retired life.

His children would give him food and other basic necessities of life. But they had a life of their own and sometimes forgot to serve him food. They had their own lives and never came to talk to him. He spent his days in aloofness.

One day, as he sat under a tree, a beautiful green parrot, flew down and sat close to him. He spoke to the parrot who tried to respond. He felt better. He extended his hand. the parrot flew and perched on his finger. He brought the parrot home and named it ATMARAM. He now had a friend to talk to. The parrot too learned to repeat what he said. As soon as he came into view, the parrot will greet him. He built a cage for Atmaram to protect him from cats. He will pick up the cage and they both went out for walks. In the forest, he would open the cage doors to allow Atmaram to fly freely and eat berries from the trees.

One day, Atmaram refused to return to the cage. he flew from tree to tree. The old man ran after the parrot calling its name. It soon became dark. The old man did not know where to look for Atmaram. Then he spotted a dim light in the distance. He ran towards the light calling the name of the parrot. The light came from where some thieves had assembled to divide their booty. The thieves thought the old man to be a ghost and ran away in panic, leaving the rich booty spread on the ground.

Early the next morning, Atmaram descended from the tree and quietly re-entered his cage. The old man came back happy along with the riches that the thieves had left. The old man's children soon crowded around him hoping to be given a share of the riches. They brought many goodies for him to eat and were present for long hours trying to talk to him. Disgusted with their attitude, the old man picked up the cage and walked away into the forest, leaving all the riches behind.
Retd. Prof.D.K.Srivastava, New Delhi, India,

Tennessee - Move or not Move
by: Liz from Canada

You make very good points as to live where you are. Good for you not having a mortgage. I never
carried one either. Your surroundings are suitable to you. If you want a smaller home just keep your eye open and that might happen. Continue to have good commonsense in matters of your life.

If we are at crossroads in our life it sometimes helps to put the positive and negatives down on
good old paper. That tells the story.

Good Luck

Hi Sandy
by: Anonymous

Are you requesting others to write back to you or are you just saying how great Tennessee is (smiling) or do you want to tell others to move to Tennessee and see all the goodies you mentioned? I know, questions gallore, huh ~ Glad your home is paid for and you love your live and livestyle ~ I do also ~ nothing better living here and it is also paid for ~ yes!!!
Blessings to you and enjoy your retirement!

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