Retired Late

by Suzanne South

I retired 7 weeks ago at the age of 73. 56 years working. I loved my last job that I had for 10 years until I did not like it anymore.

According to this site,I am too hard on myself. I have cleaned my office, rearranged my closets, gathered things to give away, walk the dog frequently per day. I stopped my housekeeper and have been cleaning, vacuuming and sorting.

Preparing for hurricane season and starting an herb garden along with taking care of my indoor plants, including orchids. I also make nearly all of my meals. I still feel I am not doing enough.

I also watched my 3-year-old grandson every day for 2 weeks and cooked for them each day. I guess I should not be feeling guilty that I get tired.

Cannot go anywhere due to Covid 19. Glad I found this site.

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Doing too much
by: Mary (Orlando)

Hello Suzanne.

You worked for so many years and still need to be busy, but I think you're doing to much and not relaxing enough.

Do you have hobbies like knitting, reading, taking walks, watching movies?

It's not easy letting go many activities, but at a certain point, you have to let others do for you.

I'm 67 and I retired after working for 30 years as an Administrative Assistant and even though I work part-time doing some reports for my son's business, I take the time to knit hats and scarves for low-income families, read, take walks (about 2 miles) every two days, cook for myself or family (not every day), watch movies, hear music and relax.

I do like to keep myself busy too. It's time to take time to do the things we couldn't do before.

Now with the Covid-19, I can't go out to visit friends or the malls so I do have to do somethings at the house.

Take care and God bless you.

by: Craig/Minneapolis

You have outlined a life of devotion to order and useful activity. You are to be commended for your efforts.

Now, try to do some of the things that you couldn't get to while engaged in your career.

Treat yourself occasionally. Allow yourself to be a little wild from time to time -- or at least as wild as fellows our age can manage.

I would guess that you will have a nice retirement. Please avoid getting overly nostalgic for the old job. It's a waste of your valuable time and gains you nothing.

Good luck.

high energy
by: Laura in Vermont

You're such a high energy person! (I have the opposite problem.)

Maybe you need a project. Have you got photos you could arrange into books for the grandchildren? Spread them out on the dining room table and make history.

Something you have been meaning to learn and never had time to? Try an online course or some YouTube videos.

Do you like to make things? That can occupy you too. Or foster a puppy, since you have a dog who can help. Babies of any species are such fun!

Good for you for having the energy to enjoy your retirement! And if you feel like taking a break, believe me, you have more than earned one!

Slow down
by: Sherry/ NC

You are a productive person. Good for you, but it is okay to slow down and smell the roses. I love doing as much or as little as I want
to everyday.

I enjoy going to the coffee shop, but haven't been since the Covid-19 started. That nasty thing has changed a lot of fun things for me.

Take good care and enjoy your life.

Retired at age 73?
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

You are doing fabulously!

Give yourself credit for working that long! Yikes!

Heck, give yourself credit for doing all the household tasks that you've done. Many of us are suddenly unmotivated as we retire, but you followed through!

BUT watching a 3-year-old for TWO WEEKS? Yikes, Yikes and Yikes! I could not, I would not, do that for anything... and yes, my sister would in a heartbeat.

Listen -- you worked for FIFTY-SIX years, more years than you've lived! You don't know HOW to slow down and smell the flowers yet. Give yourself time. You will begin to wind down, take it slower as you've got the time to do so!

Be Proud of Yourself... you've earned it!

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