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(North Carolina)

All this sounds familiar. I have been retired for 11 months now after 30 yrs. I retired for numerous reasons such as age creeping up, reflexes, eyesight, and reaction not what used to be (cops having less rights every day) and yes, having fears where I used to not even think about, and law enforcement not being what it used to be.

I began to feel as I would be a hazard to my fellow officers if I stayed. I don't regret my decision to retire but I have also felt lost during my 11 months of retirement. Other people ask why I don't want to keep my LE certification, be a reserve, etc, but I'm not going to work as a sworn officer anymore, so why should I. I keep up my instructor certification, and I spent months kinda decompressing but now it is getting boring.

I would like to do something possibly in a civilian capacity remaining in criminal justice/LE/instructor but I just realize my limitations and can't carry gun and badge like I used to 25 yrs ago. My career was good but it does come a time when you have to turn it over to the youngsters.

While none of us are promised tomorrow, you can look at numerous examples on ODMP of those that overstayed their time. I wish all my brothers and sisters in blue God's blessings, but please don't stay too long.

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by: Char- Texas.

First thank you for your service. My son n law is a Police Officer 24 years and served prior to that in the US Marine Corp. Sadly, so many in society do not grasp how important the things blue line is to prevent anarchy in the street.

I thought the insurance fraud investigator was a good suggestion and there is also working for banks as a financial crimes investigator helping the PD detectives gather info on accounts that have been compromised.

Those likely would be full time positions and if like me, that may be more than you want to do. I was wondering if you had considered PI work taking cases if you wanted to or passing if it sounded to off the wall. I am not sure how many people actually hire a PI or for what reason but it might be interesting. Likely it would be things like finding out if a spouse or partner was cheating or things along that line. I am sure some of your law enforcement skills could be used in that area not sure It I guess you have to get a license for that.

I am sure a lot of it could be done by doing social media searches and things like that. Just a suggestion. Wishing the best for you.

by: Nancy

When you think about it, retirement is the biggest adjustment you'll make in your life. I applaud you for recognizing it was time to get out.

I worked in prisons for 20+ years, and loved working in the environment (which I know sounds crazy to some, ha, ha). I worked in a men's prison as a counselor, then as a teacher, then as a substance abuse counselor.

I went from the men's prison to working in a women's work release and outpatient also involved in the court system. What a culture shock when I went from working with men to working with women! I could write a book and I'm sure you could too!

I'm glad I don't have to work with criminals anymore, however! I always compared myself to people who loved retirement from the beginning, but it sure does take awhile to acclimate. I wish you all the best.

Suggested Option
by: KaBe/FL

If and when you are ready, consider insurance fraud investigations. I worked for a health insurance company that hired 2 LE to conduct fraud investigations, using health insurance data, insurance regs and case development skills to prepare viable cases for FBI or OIG.

This required computer skills and some field weapons.

Give yourself time to adjust...
by: Junebug in Deerfield WI

It took me more than a year to adjust to retirement. You give so much of yourself in a law enforcement career it will take time. My sister and brother-in-law were both deputy sheriffs and bailiffs. They found other careers to help people. If you like helping, why not offer to teach safety to children. Many schools would welcome you I am sure.

Civil groups also want to learn the valuable skills you have, to keep themselves safe. Is there a hobby you would like to expand on? Find a cause you believe in and give it support. Just enjoy the freedom. Do you have a dog? They are great partners in retirement.

Seize this opportunity to find out what you love and just do it!

by: Sherry/ NC

Good luck to you and thank you very much for your service!! Everything works out! Keep on keeping on.

Retirement is a shock to your system because you wake up one day and you don't have purpose, take some time off, and then find another purpose!

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