Retired: Lost in myself

by Lost and Scared
(new york)

I retired 2 years ago. I was a teacher for 27 years for children with special needs. I wake up every morning and all I think about was the job I left.

I watch my children get ready for work and I start having regrets about retiring even though I found a part time job in a preschool.

My children told me that my workplace was my identity and that's why I am feeling so lost and confused about being retired.

I can't get that old job out of my mind. Nothing makes me happy anymore . I don't know how to overcome this, it is making me sick.

I want to be happy but don't know how to.

Can anyone help me?

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Lost and scared
by: Lisa/Canada

I too understand how you are feeling. I retired five years ago, felt great for the first six months, than regretted taking early retirement.

You will find a new normal, it takes time. I'm doing good now but it took a long time. I feel better when I keep active, even if that is house cleaning, gardening, yard work, anything!

I also found it helps to keep a schedule of things you want to do. Lets face it we had an active schedule while working. Get together with friends or family, go for walks, start a new hobby.

Don't constantly think about regrets retiring from your past job. Look for things you appreciate even the small things.

Every morning I sit outside to enjoy my coffee, listen to the birds, admire the flowers and appreciate that it's summer :)

Hang in there and do things for yourself. It will get better! Cheers and take care.

Clear Mission
by: Ron/Florida

Totally understand as it affected me too. Of course everyone has their own history that we bring to our Senior Years.

So, for me I found a clear mission! Helping those who also have a need. I've become a Senior Companion. Volunteering gives me satisfaction that I'm still valuable in our Society. As a matter of fact, I'm more valuable now since I've learned to give more of myself without expecting so much in return.

My "former return" was $$ as a business owner. Yep, a new focus that I couldn't enjoy prior to my retirement!

by: Wee Zer

I was laid off for the third time in my life in 2011. I tried getting a job for several years and still look but there is nothing interesting or anything I am qualified for.

My jobs were in research and very detail oriented. I miss it very, very much. But there were many days I wish I could have just quit too.

You live in New York I presume. Why don't you take in the sights of NY and visit museums? You are a teacher and I would think things like that would be of interest to you. Keep a journal and write of your experiences, likes and dislikes. Maybe you could set up a blog on your adventures in NY.

You need new outlets to channel your energy into. Maybe you could become a tutor for children with learning issues and go to people's homes for lessons.

Visit your library. They have different things going on all the time.

Adopt a dog. Dogs are wonderful companions and all they ask for is some food and love.

Stop dwelling on your past and get going on your future! When one door shuts another door opens.

I get it
by: Mark

I understand 100% - for now we are what we were . I’m going on 11 months and still get that feeling of misplacement.

It started off by sleeping more and doing less in the public. I found that going to the mall or food mart was only for unemployed people or housewives.

I have to accept this next chapter but I feel sad at times because I know my age is pushing me out of of finding a current job that I enjoy - the same as the last 45 years.

We need to push through this like other family members have and stop feeling sorry .

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