Retired May 2017; Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

by Charles
(Minneapolis, MN)

Worked 38 years in two different industries. Retired May 2017. Do NOT miss the job (worked on offshore oil rigs, 12 hrs / day, 21 days in a row, was detrimental to my health).

Zero financial worries, health excellent (I read horror stories online of those in poor health), wife still teaching.

Do all the cooking / shopping / cleaning at home. Lost 25+ lbs at gym, headed up the Vote Yes school referendum committee (passed), helping daughters navigate their early 20's. Working with a start-up.

With all this positive stuff, Intellectually know that I am living a charmed life. Was Ok for first few months, then the bottom dropped out. Then - anxiety and depression every day, early wakening. Taking antidepressants.

Feel guilty just reading the daily newspaper. Feel should be having the time of my life. Am I missing something? Is it just waiting out the time? If I every brought up my feelings to anyone else, they would think I was crazy. But this is where I am.......

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by: Roadrunner 13


I have not experienced what you are going thru but seems like you have a lot going for you.

Have you ever visited your Senior center? Sometimes just being around others brings your spirits up. Also, you have been going to the gym, have you struck up any friendships to do some kind of mutual fun stuff? Fishing, going to a movie, getting a cup of coffee or lunch? There are volunteer groups like Habitat for Humanity that help people repair their homes, fences, paint. You could get involved with something like that. OR take some classes.

Look up Meet Ups in your area. There are groups for hiking, biking, arts and crafts, book groups...lots of stuff. Plus, your local library has things going on.

My Sister in Law is very involved in her church and she does all sorts of things and now is helping an elderly lady pack up for a move to another state.

I wish you luck! This can be the time of your life! Throw the demons to the wind and don't look back!

by: Anonymous

Try meditation. It may shut down the inner voice that keeps telling us that we are only worthy if we are producing in this culture. Just a thought!

Detrimental OR Excellent Health
by: Joe W.

I'm wondering how you got from a long-term job detrimental to your health then into retirement with excellent health. And finally from excellent health to anxiety & depression?

Also, I'm interested in business startups. What kind of business are you or were you working to create & develop?

Joe W.

I know how you feel
by: Patrick

I retired at same time as you. No financial worries like yourself. However I feel I no longer count. From being a company director running large teams and planning years ahead , I now live day to day. People treat me like an old man.

My wife has been retired for 5 years and has no issues. She loves being retired with no schedule.

I bounce from being very happy to be retired to being depressed at nothing to do. Work in progress but I am begging to enjoy the life of leisure and the days of despondency get less and less.

Retirement needs to be worked at even more than a career in business as it is all down to you.

WOW... never know how anxiety hits!
by: Wendy

Your post-retirement life sounds full and busy.

I would have guessed you were the perfect retiree -- finding things inside the home and out to keep fulfilled and helping your famiy and community too!

Then that negative subconscious starts nagging at you... and worst yet, you believe it! Yep, I can't sit and enjoy my morning coffee and the newspaper! Seriously? WHY the heck not?

You've worked a lifetime. You provided (and continue to do so) for family. You did what you needed to do while in the employment years.

Please Please tell your brain to SHUT IT... Go away! I am doing just fine, I know you are only trying to protect me, but I am just fine, Go away fears, Go away anxiety. I do not need you in my life!

Best Wishes!

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