Retired Men: The real nature of retirement

by Ian
(Seattle Washington)

Retirement from my perspective.
My best friend is me.
Don't look beyond that.

Your kids love you but they don't want to understand you... they have their own lives.

Your son or daughter in law, tolerate you or they are openly hostile.... either way you will never be accepted, so it best to not even try to be a friend, mentor, or anything to them.

Your spouse, if you are a man... is done with you. It was easier for her when you went to work every day and went out with your friends all weekend.

Retirement is time for YOU. Don't look for "you" in anyone else, they will NOT be there for you.. the moment something is less than their perfect vision of retirement.

SO.... men out thee... step up and don't ask you wife for anything.... she is DONE with that S**T for so many years.

Learn to be your own best and only friend you will have from now on. THis is the best and most speedy way to your personal happiness.

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by: Liusa

Ummmm...can't help but wonder if a woman actually wrote this? Especially the part about being "tired of his sh*t.

Sorry for you
by: Ed New York

Wow someone must have given you a good beat down, my son (found out he's not really mine) calls me 2-3 times a week, invites me down to there place in Florida and takes me to Nascar races.

My wife is my best friend and I have enjoyed her more now that I am retired and get to see her more, We raised 2 of our grandkids and now are sending them through college. I love talking to them and enjoy finding out what life is like for them in these times.

I feel sorry that you seem to hate the world and have no one to love but yourself, I have never treated myself any better than I would my loved ones, try it you may like it.

The world is what you make it, yours seems like a lonely place. Get your sorry butt out and enjoy what time you have left, doesn't make a bit of sense in worrying about that water under the bridge as it seems like it has traveled along way without you. Wake up and see the world, it can be a wonderful place to live if you let it but you have to let it.

Good luck too you.

by: Anonymous

You sound like a character from a movie, grumpy ole men!

You give good words of wisdom to become more self reliant, but most people need others to have contentment.

My grandfather was so influential during his 30 years of retirement because he had so many hobbies & interests. Photography, gardening, cooking, woodworking, writing poetry (many appreciation poems to my grandmother) which won her heart back after hard year of raising a family.

Practice gratitude & in one week see how different you feel!

New movie. Happier ol' man.

You are 100% correct.
by: Anonymous


Even though I agree with you 100%, that you are your best friend, and must rely on no one but yourself for your happiness, I completely disagree with your assessment of why.

I retired 5 years ago, at 65, and I have a son that has called me every Sunday, and we spend the 60-90 minute calls to share each others lives. He has flown me from coast to coast, to visit him and my wonderful daughter-in-law. He has invited me to join him for his promotion as he attains rank. He never fails to call me on special days, and just sends cards now and then to let me know he is thinking of me.

I have another son, and he calls rarely, and does not write often and his wife is not involved in my life, but I accept what he gives, as that is who he is. I may or may not get a card on Father's Day, my birthday, but when I do, I have a big smile on my face knowing he is thinking of me, but realizing with a growing family he is invested in them more than me and that is the way it should be.

Yes, I only rely on myself for my happiness, but why would I shut out the love of others, no matter how infrequent.

Enjoy what you have been given and give thanks that you are still here to experience, if you wish, the moments that are given to you.

May you find peace!

Very well said
by: Mark

I am now going though the process of having left the work environment that I have been doing for 45 plus years, and am into month 5.

I was blaming everybody for not giving me the time , my friends were always not available during the week when I felt most vulnerable.

This article is so true , make yourself your best friend and go out and enjoy and stop feeling sorry for yourself as I did .

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