Retired: Moved to Hunter’s Creek, Orlando, Florida

by Marvin

My wife and I are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We recently went through a process of deciding between a few different places for retirement.

We thought of Hawaii, Arizona, and Florida.

Ultimately, we decided to move to Florida. The main reason we decided to move to Florida was because of the beaches and plethora of activities available.

My wife and I have always thoroughly enjoyed Disney World and now we live in Orlando, FL and are season pass holders.

In terms of deciding specifically on Florida, we considered cost, availability of activities, weather, and value for our money when purchasing a home.

Ultimately, we decided that Florida (especially Orlando) provided the best value.

When we decided on the city, we then started looking for some nice areas to live. We wanted a nice single family home, but we didn’t need a palace.

So, after looking in a few neighborhoods, we found great value in the Hunter’s Creek neighborhood in Orlando.

The area is close to the highway and only minutes from many different activities such as a few golf courses, Disney World, International Drive, and some nice restaurants.

One of the best things about the area is that we are very close to shops and a grocery store as well.

Overall, we live full time in a nice single family home in Hunter’s Creek. We enjoy all the activities Orlando, FL has to offer. Additionally, we usually get very reasonable airfares out of the Orlando airport when we decide to go on vacations.

Just last year my wife and I flew to Nassau, Bahamas for three nights and stayed at the Atlantis resort. The entire trip out of Orlando for two people cost $650 plus meals. So, there are plenty of advantages to living in Orlando, FL.

The main thing you need to decide are the most important things you want out of your retirement destination.

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Retirement relocation
by: Pat

Just wondering how you handled moving away from home and family... I am still working full time and am very fearful of retiring and moving away from my children and grandchildren, I feel that it is just too much change. Leaving family, job, routine, places I love.. but my husband wants to retire to NC.

Wendy: Just my two cents, why not vacation there first, like my parents did for Vegas? They rented a condo for 2 months each winter for maybe
five years before they decided to buy a condo there.

WHY? For exactly the reasons you said above...
retirement itself is a big transition. Even if you are both feeling great about retirement, you retire and then what will you do 24.7?

It's not bad, I totally love my retirement (since April of 2010) but many don't transition quite as easily as I've done. Many folks fall into retirement transition depressions.

My advice - take baby steps first before you fly the coop!

There is no rush to move, right? Figure out who and what you both are, as retirees, then consider life and how you both want to live it. It is another odd discussion in life - you are together all these years and yet many don't even think to discuss WHAT they plan in retirement with the spouse, they simply assume they'll want the same.
Wrong... grin!

Read what this retiree just posted... just another scenario (and she moved TO family).
Retirement Spoiled the Marriage...

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