Retired Newbee

by Marie
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I recently had the opportunity to retire after 4o year of working, majority of time was in healthcare.

I enjoy some of retirement, definitely in new transition stage. I miss the socialization and structure of working. I am looking for opportunities to meet people, I starting walking at a local area which I find walking helps me manage my transition anxiety.

I seem to flounder as I attempt to reinvent myself. Reinvention sounds exciting however it can become difficult at times. I find this site very helpful, hearing how others have had same feelings and I really like their suggestions. Ann gave very good advice.

I understand transition of any kind is a process, so I am being patient with myself as I explore my new world!!

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retiree soon
by: mark

I am retiring in 3 weeks from my job with my local municipality and a pension which I earned after 33 years as a landscape tech. I can't wait !

I'm 57 and my wife will retire from a major computer company in a years time!

Looking forward to the freedom to do the things I want to when I want to.

Different Seasons
by: Nina from London


At first it can be confusing but then every season of your life is like that.

When I recall being a mom for the first time it was so challenging...not certain what to do.

Well, I believe retirement is like that. But slowly and surely you find your path. Think of what you like and go for it. What are your hobbies?

Meanwhile, walking and keeping busy can help. I got involved in volunteer work after working part time in an office. Before this I was a teacher. Teaching for many years I really felt I needed something completely different.

Good luck, Nina

Retired Newbee
by: Roger

I retired two years ago took up cycling which I still enjoy on the week ends but I only lasted three months before I went back to work.

I think the key is finding something that you enjoy doing.

My job these days is working for meals on wheels as a driver. I love driving, like the people I deliver meals to, and the job is easy!

Where to go Now?
by: Joe W.


Hi! I also like to walk. To get some more guidance in your transition to retirement life I suggest going to your local public library to read, research, and do some self-discovery time.

This mental exercise which I also pursued should be able to give you more options, and at the same time meet some other people who are also adjusting to the lifelong learning process.

Happy Learning!

Joe W.

by: Nancy

Marie, you are doing well, sounds like.

I am retired 2 years. Walking is good. I think that was what saved me the first few months, going to the community exercise room every day. Not just the physical aspect, but also finding people to talk to and of course, getting out of the house. Thanks for sharing your story.

I am still in the process of reinvening myself too so I appreciate hearing from people. I am very grateful for this website.

Retired Newbee
by: Diana M

Hello Marie and Welcome Neighbor (well, nearly neighbors).

I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area so not too far from Pittsburg.

With Wendy's encouragement and approval, I posted my early forced retirement true story. When you have time, please look it up
"Tragedy turned into a dream come true."

We all have gifts and talents and now retired, it is time to search them out. I wish you well.

Please let us know of your progress. Diana Maddock

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