Retired: No hobby, honey

by Leslie

I really enjoy being retired. I have found plenty to do and started volunteering. My only problem is with my husband. He has retired and all he wants to do is read. No hobbies and isn't involved in any groups. Do I just do my own thing or try to get him out of the house and into life?

Wendy: Some folks might retire to "nothing".. something I cannot imagine! I hope to make retirement my BEST years...

If you choose to let him find his own way, I'd say to watch for depression... happens often especially in the retirement transition years. I often get emails from newly retired men, wife is working, and he is alone all day, depressed -- she has no clue.

If not, suggest ideas... you know what he enjoys. Push him to make breakfast or lunch plans with retired friends, former co-workers, etc. Google volunteer opportunities in your local area that he might enjoy. Buy a few books from Amazon in any topic of interest - he might find a collectible he loves (and spend much time finding them) or a new hobby that he enjoyed years ago, before family and work obligations.

Best Wishes!

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Lucky you
by: Anonymous

I envy you that your husband wants to read!

Mine follows me around constantly wanting to know what 'we' can do next. I never get more than 5 minutes to myself.

I have become his hobby and it's driving me nuts.

Reading is his hobby
by: Anonymous

I think reading is a good hobby for retirement and is just what your husband wants and needs to do.

Retired MEN
by: Dennis

I am a retired MAN, started off doing nothing... lasted 3 months, got a job, took a 3 month vacation again... got another job, now I am finally starting to pick up some hobbies I had as a kid, drawing mostly, some painting and model building. Just takes a bit of time to make the change.

Wendy: Dennis, Remembering what you loved as a kid is perfect -- back before life got in the way (college, work, marriage, kids, more work). I hope you really enjoy yourself now! It's time...

Hi from England
by: peggy

Hello there, believe me I do understand how you feel, because I have the same sort of problem here with my husband. Its sad really as it seems he simply gave up on life, and it has been very difficult for me too.

I have hobbies, but I feel guilty leaving him behind, so I plumped for hobbies in the home, like gardening, reading drawing and making greetings cards.

I also get alot of pleasure from chatting to my pen pals and e mail pals, so feel free to contact me on frankispeggy at

regards Peggy

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