Retired: Not One of the Bunch

by Alice

I retired from a career that is ridding itself of older professionals. I knew with my increase in salary and age, the top was seeking to oust individuals with my profile. I left before I would be pushed out as many of my aging colleagues have had to encounter.

I left with my head held high with a letter of thanks and congratulations; however, having been in the targeted age group of forced retirees, I have felt the fallout.

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by: Alice

I am waiting to see if I will be hired by my temporary position for a permanent spot. I would be one of the few licensed on staff. There has been such a turn over at the location of the job that I wonder what I would be getting into again. The job is only two minutes from my home by car and twelve at most by walking. Why go back?

Taxes! My taxes almost take care of another person.

However, by the time health insurance, life insurance and all of the state and local taxes are taken, I am not as comfortable as I should be after thirty four years of a profession. Needless to say the IRS scandal was a real slap.

by: Alice

Recently, I received a request to come back to work by more former employer. It is to replace those who go on leave. The financial concerns (conflict of double dipping) and other things had been removed. I am currently, working elsewhere making $40.00 more than they would be offering. They need people with my expertise. How interesting.

Wendy: How Interesting, Indeed!

Not even a face to face?
by: Blindsided

I clearly remember hearing someone clearing their throat behind me while working at the computer. A tap on the shoulder made me jump straight up out of my concentration.

As I turned, the forty something blurted out something like, "Your Manager wants to see you in the Conference Room".

As I was "escorted" to the Main Conference Room
which was totally dark with the exception of
a flashing teleconferencing pad in the middle
of a huge rectangular table, I was handed a blue
folder. Suddenly, a voice (My former Manager calling from Europe" boomed from the speakerphone asking me if I was there.

"You're job has been eliminated,NOTHING PERSONAL!"
Before I could absorb what had happened,I was standing out in the parking lot with most of my OLD colleagues. NOTHING PERSONAL?

The world is cruel, loyalty means nothing anymore!

by: Barbara

Hi Alice...I can't find a date when you posted your blog, but I hope you will respond to the folks who have commented. I want to know how you are doing.

by: Barbara

Enjoyed your post...would you like to be penpals?

by: Barbara

Discrimination is rampant against folks 50+. And when they give you the boot... it's done without any feeling whatsoever.

The young may be quicker, but experience is something that teaches life skills.

Employers will discover that an employee who is focused and stable is much more valuable than a person who can text, tweet, and has the attention span of a gnat......

We boomers have contributed to the success of many corporations and have paid our way for decades. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy our future.

I know how you feel
by: Anonymous

I was one of the ones that got called into the office and told goodbye.

I have felt every emotion known to man, but rage seems to be the one that stays.

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