Retired. Now what?

by Mike, Port Charlotte Fl

I retired 3 yrs ago.

I applied to volunteer at local hospital and got my ID and training so I could start when I felt I was ready. I do this two days a week 4hrs a day. I tried three days and was afraid I would get tired of it so only 2 dys. That left 5 days to fill.

I went online and saw that local Sheriff Dept needs Volunteers. I applied thinking I would be inside doing paper work but when I had my interview the Sergeant said that is what the women do. I now drive a Volunteer truck or cruiser when it is available. I drive thru neighborhoods just to show the Sheriff Dept is in their neighborhoods. I also do house checks for people that have gone on vacation and help directing traffic at accidents so officers can do there Job.

I also have a dog which gives me something to keep me company.

I am widowed for 11 yrs. Join a local Moose, Eagles, Elks, VFW, American Legion so you have a place to socialise if you can.

I hope this helps someone.

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Retired. Now what?
by: Sherry/ Wilmington, NC

Well, get ready for Hurricane Irma!! Good luck!!
You are doing the right thing by staying busy, but that dog needs company!!

by: Deborah Bath, OH

What is retirement?
Fired up

National Parks and State Parks are always looking for volunteers which I decided to do, as well as joining a bowling league, geocaching, Red Hat Society, and dance

In same boat
by: Mary Winter Haven Fl

I also am a widow and do a day of hospital volunteering and may add a day. I have a non volunteer activity on one day and I do have friends I go out to eat with on some evenings. But still it can be boring. I'd like to take some classes but I can't find that in this area.
I think the sheriff volunteer stint sounds great.

Be safe during this storm...very concerning.

good for you!
by: Anonymous

sounds like you keep yourself busy!! good for you! I'm jealous!!

Retired. Now What?
by: Betty/Archer Fle

Dear Mike,
Seems you've got it made. You meet a lot of people in what you do, I'm sure. Good for you.

If you are happy, keep it up

Retired now what
by: Anonymous

I like that, thank you so much for the ideas.

by: Anonymous

I suggest to my sons that they visit the library to find people to meet and suggest the same to everyone who is retired.

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