Retired Nurse

by Sujay
(Dallas, Texas USA)

I have been retired for 15 years after marrying my second husband. I was in the medical field and found it very rewarding. I was a traveling hospice nurse and the agency would send me to unsafe areas to care for the ill, my family thought it would be better to quit and stay home.

When I retired I didn't realize how bored I was staying home, so I watched TLC programs and redecorated my whole house at the time.

I used to be a very social lady. Since then I moved into a retirement community. My spouse is a workaholic and a iphone junkie, so I have become very lonely, depressed.

I am 69 years old and I wish I could volunteer at hospitals or other facilities unfortunately medical issues interfere. I have no friends, hoping to communicate with others on here who have similar issues.

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You must have a lot to offer
by: Larry Steward / SC

Hi Sujay,

Your experience as a traveling hospice nurse tells me you are a caring person and must have a lot to offer others. You are in a unique position relate to others who are experiencing the same feelings you are. Surprising to me, I have found what you described a very common experience for many others in their retirement years.

I believe one of the surest cures would be to reach out to others about this topic and draw from your background as a hospice nurse to show others how you found a way to turn your situation around.

Do you get the challenge I'm tossing at you? You can do it and when you do so many others will benefit I'm sure.

Dorian is here
by: Sherry/NC

I am sorry for you, because our life can be sad at times, but it is our responsibility to move forward and do our best!!

I am in a Hurricane zone and Dorian is here now and I have to do my best. It is really scary. The hurricane is a category 3 which means the winds are 115 mph and driving rain which will result in lots of damage.

Retirement Community
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Just curious -- does your Retirement Community have activities for retirees? Why not participate?

Even if you are an introvert, sit in a corner and watch people. See who is friendly and who is not. Who looks lonely? Who looks like your type of friend?

The more people see you, the more they start to say Hello! You start some chit chat and maybe go to lunch together.

This is your time -- get out of your home. Go meet people. Go to lunch alone. Go to the movies. Simply make your own experiences in life!

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