Retired people having to reenter the workforce and the positive implications

by Karen Spencer
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

I am writing a paper for my BSN on retired people and senior citizens reentering the workforce. I would like to list the negative and positive impacts this will have for both the retiree and the workforce. Can you help me with any information?

Karen Spencer

Wendy's reply: My two cents - folks may work for wages, but quite often it's simply to be busy, be useful, to "be" someone. You lose your identity when you retire... you lose your social contacts, your position, something to keep you busy and necessary in life. The thought of retirement "freedom" sounds sooo good -- until you get to retirement's door step. Some eagerly welcome it, they dislike their jobs or co-workers. Others just can't sit in the retirement rocking chair.

I think you'll find your answers on these two websites! Hope this helps!

The Transition Network

Retired Brains

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