Retired Speech Pathologist at School

by Annie/Illinois

Public Schools Dirty Little Secret

I was a speech pathologist in a school district and loved my kids and fellow teachers. I had received excellent performance evaluations.

I had helped my district win a due process hearing brought before I was even hired and aimed at district policy. The superintendent even hugged me and cried as he thanked me.

But three years later I was nearing the top of the pay scale and the principal, who enjoyed being cruel, cut 4 of us in special ed-one teacher was on maternity leave for a high risk pregnancy.

I was told that I just wasn’t a good fit, but I knew it was just a cost cutting measure and a bogus excuse.

The good news is that I decided to start my own therapy business working with kids. I have been my own boss since then and I feel so much happier.

The stress of trying to do the impossible with limited resources, endless meetings, and ridiculous paperwork is a thing of the past. T

here is life after public schools and you will look back at this time as the day you were released from bondage!

Follow your passion!

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by: Joe W.

Congrats on finding your way from school district employee to self-employment in the child therapy business.

Teachers have been known to have the right skills for participating in self-employment activities. The difference is you are aware of your own skills, talents and the need for more clinics in child therapy.

I think that your on your way to a productive longevity retirement. Good luck and have a prosperous 'second career' in the small business field.

Joe W.

Retired Educator
by: Anonymous

I really admire your tenacity. You saw through the red tape and didn’t take it personally.

Now you are truly doing what you love without the constraints of the school district.

I was just an elementary school teacher, so I don’t have your obvious skill set. I should have thought ahead a little more. Envious of your new found freedom to do what you love.

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by: Sherry/ NC

Good for you!! I know it took courage. It was God's way of moving
you on into the future.

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